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HSI Productions

Production company
Status : active
Country : USA

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Contact information :
  • Postal address :
    3630 Eastham Drive
    Culver City, CA 90232
    7 West 18th Street
    New York, NY 10011
  • Phone :
    (310) 558-7100 (California)
    (212) 627-3600 (New York)
  • Fax :
    (310) 558-7101 (California)
    (212) 627-5947 (New York)
  • Website :
  • E-mail : info (at)  

Current roster    (as of 05 Apr 2013)

Latest videos

Other directors who have worked with HSI Productions in the past:

Arni & Kinski, Peter Berg, Irv Blitz, Benny Boom, Philip Boston (?-2005), Kevin Bray, the Brothers Strause (?-2004), Scott Burns (?-2005), Hayley Cloake (?-2004), Gerard de Thame, David Dobkin, Fatima, Justin Francis (2005-?), F. Gary Gray, Howard Greenhalgh (?-2005), Robert Hales (?-2004), Robert Hales (2005-?), Michael Haussman, Paul Hunter, Jacobs & Briere, Jake & Jim, J.J. Keith, Todd Kellstein (?-2004), Randy Krallman, X, Dave Merhar (?-2005), Paul Middleditch, Joe Public, Marcus Raboy, Chris Robinson, the Saline Project (2004-?), Kevin Samuels, Karen Schuld, Peggy Sirota, Scott Speer (2005-?), Josh Taft, Jessy Terrero (?-2004), Matthew Vaughn (2005-?), Len Wiseman.

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