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Shooting Star Pictures

Production company
Status : unknown

Little is known about this company. If you can provide missing information (founders, dates of activity, etc.) please do let us know.

Click here to list all videos that Shooting Star Pictures is known to have been involved with.

27 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Mar 1999-- Kid Rock-- Bawitdaba-- Dir: David Meyers
  Mar 1999-- Raphael Saadiq-- Get involved-- Dir: Sanji
  Jan 1999-- Kenny Lattimore-- Days like this-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Jan 1999-- Boyz II Men-- I will get there-- Dir: Darren Grant
   1999-- Tommy Henrickson-- I see the Sun-- Dir: Eric Heimbold
   1999-- Forbidden-- Let it rain 
  Sep 1998-- Deborah Cox-- Nobody's supposed to be here-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Aug 1998-- Mac Brown-- You keep me runnin'-- Dir: Mike Van Owen
  Jul 1998-- Bad Azz-- Puttin' it down-- Dir: Darius Anthony
  Jul 1998-- Jermaine Dupri-- Money ain't a thang-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Jun 1998-- TQ-- Westside-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Mar 1998-- SWV-- Rain-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Jan 1998-- Master P-- Make 'em say ugh!-- Dir: Michael Martin
  Jan 1998-- 98 Degrees-- Was it something I didn't say?-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Jan 1998-- Destiny's Child-- No, no, no (part 1) -- Dir: Darren Grant
   1998-- Brian McKnight-- Hold me-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Nov 1997-- Brian McKnight-- Anytime-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Oct 1997-- Destiny's Child-- No, no, no (part 2)-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Jul 1997-- Mia-X-- The party don't stop-- Dir: Michael Martin & Master P
  May 1997-- God's Property-- Stomp-- Dir: Darren Grant
  May 1997-- Dru Hill-- In my bed [version 2: So So Def remix]-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Feb 1997-- Westside Connection-- Gangstas make the world go round-- Dir: Michael Martin
   1997-- Twista-- Get it wet-- Dir: David Meyers
  Dec 1996-- Somethin' for the People-- Can you feel me?-- Dir: Darren Grant
  May 1994-- Pauline Henry-- Watch the miracle start-- Dir: Gareth Roberts
   -- Kane & Abel-- Time after time-- Dir: Gee Bee
   -- Mike Linney-- Shadowland-- Dir: Rob Lewis

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