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Black Dog Films

48 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Aug 2018-- Paloma Faith-- Warrior-- Dir: Thomas James
  Jun 2018-- Kareem Kalokoh-- Rambo-- Dir: Leonn Ward
  Jun 2018-- Moss Kena-- Problems-- Dir: Ruby & Boya
  Jun 2018-- Ólafur Arnalds-- Unfold-- Dir: Thora Hilmars
  Mar 2017-- James Blake-- My willing heart-- Dir: Anna Rose Holmer
  Aug 2013-- Foxes-- Youth-- Dir: James Copeman
  Feb 2013-- How to Destroy Angels-- How long?-- Dir: Shynola
  Feb 2013-- Tom Odell-- Hold me-- Dir: Sophie Muller
  Oct 2012-- Rhye-- The fall-- Dir: Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen
  Jan 2012-- One Direction-- One thing [version 2: concept]-- Dir: Declan Whitebloom
  Nov 2011-- Rebecca Ferguson-- Nothing's real but love [version 2: b&w]-- Dir: Adam Powell
  Nov 2011-- Duran Duran-- Girl panic!-- Dir: Jonas Akerlund
  Oct 2011-- Pixie Lott-- What do you take me for?-- Dir: Declan Whitebloom
  Oct 2011-- Birdy-- People help the people-- Dir: Adam Powell
  Oct 2011-- Florence + the Machine-- Shake it out-- Dir: Dawn Shadforth
  Oct 2011-- Example-- Midnight run-- Dir: Adam Powell
  Jul 2011-- Example-- Stay awake-- Dir: Adam Powell
  Jun 2011-- Magnetic Man-- Anthemic-- Dir: James Copeman
  May 2011-- Vato Gonzalez-- Badman riddim (jump)-- Dir: James Copeman
  May 2011-- Incubus-- Promises, promises-- Dir: Price James
  Apr 2011-- Example-- Changed the way you kiss me-- Dir: Adam Powell
  Mar 2011-- Nero-- Guilt-- Dir: Christian Larson
  Mar 2011-- Justice-- Civilization-- Dir: Edouard Salier
  Feb 2011-- Beth Ditto-- I wrote the book-- Dir: Price James
  Nov 2010-- Viva Brother-- Darling buds Of May-- Dir: Adam Powell
  Sep 2009-- Madonna-- Celebration-- Dir: Jonas Akerlund
  Jul 2009-- Coldplay-- Strawberry swing-- Dir: Shynola
  Jul 2009-- Lily Allen-- 22-- Dir: Jake Scott
  Mar 2009-- Lily Allen-- Not fair-- Dir: Melina
  Jun 2008-- Florence + the Machine-- Kiss with a fist-- Dir: Price James
  Apr 2008-- Madonna-- 4 minutes-- Dir: Jonas & François
  Aug 2006-- the Streets-- Prangin' out [version 2]-- Dir: Dawn Shadforth
  Mar 2006-- Larrikin Love-- Edwould-- Dir: Joe Marcantonio
  Feb 2006-- the Streets-- When you wasn't famous [version 1]-- Dir: Adam Smith
  Jan 2006-- Beth Orton-- Conceived-- Dir: Huse Monfaradi
  Sep 2005-- Arctic Monkeys-- I bet you look good on the dancefloor-- Dir: Huse Monfaradi
   2004-- Faultline-- Biting tongues-- Dir: Vernie Yeung
   2004-- Beverley Knight-- Not too late for love-- Dir: Tim Royes
  Apr 2003-- Goldfrapp-- Train-- Dir: Dawn Shadforth
  Mar 2003-- A.F.I.-- Girl's not grey-- Dir: David Slade
   2003-- Erlend Oye-- Sudden rush-- Dir: Jarvis Cocker & Martin Wallace
  Nov 2002-- Will Young-- You and I-- Dir: Tim Royes
  Sep 2001-- Kylie Minogue-- Can't get you out of my head [version 1]-- Dir: Dawn Shadforth
  Aug 1999-- Leftfield-- Afrika Shox-- Dir: Chris Cunningham
  Apr 1999-- Aphex Twin-- Windowlicker-- Dir: Chris Cunningham
  Apr 1999-- Bjork-- All is full of love-- Dir: Chris Cunningham
  Oct 1998-- Squarepusher-- Come on my selector-- Dir: Chris Cunningham
  Oct 1997-- Aphex Twin-- Come to daddy-- Dir: Chris Cunningham

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