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Squeak Pictures

99 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Oct 2002-- Mudvayne-- Not falling [version 1]-- Dir: Joel Peissig
   2002-- Cherokee-- Nectarine-- Dir: Chris Robinson
   2002-- Breaking Point-- Coming of age-- Dir: Bobby G
  Dec 2001-- Alicia Keys-- A woman's worth-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Dec 2001-- Angie Stone-- Brotha-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Nov 2001-- Cypress Hill-- Trouble-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Oct 2001-- Faith Evans-- You gets no love-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Oct 2001-- Unwritten Law-- Up all night-- Dir: Honey
  Aug 2001-- Lil' Rascals-- Hardball-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Aug 2001-- Little T-- Shaniqua-- Dir: Lenny Bass
  Aug 2001-- Bush-- The people that we love-- Dir: Ulf
  Jul 2001-- Musiq Soulchild-- Girl next door-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Jul 2001-- P. Diddy-- Bad boy 4 life-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Jul 2001-- the Eastsidaz-- I luv it-- Dir: Snoop Dogg & Chris Robinson
  Jun 2001-- Darwin's Waiting Room-- Feel so stupid-- Dir: Jeff Renfroe
  Jun 2001-- Toni Braxton-- Maybe-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  May 2001-- Alicia Keys-- Fallin'-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  May 2001-- Dave Navarro-- Rexall-- Dir: Honey
  May 2001-- Dream-- This is me [version 2: remix]-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Mar 2001-- Lil' Mo-- Superwoman-- Dir: Chris Robinson
   2001-- Bif Naked-- I love myself today-- Dir: Chris Robinson
   2001-- AMyth-- My body-- Dir: Prentice Sinclair Smith
   2001-- Case-- Not your friend-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Dec 2000-- Snoop Dogg-- Snoop Dogg-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Dec 2000-- Crazy Town-- Butterfly-- Dir: Honey
  Dec 2000-- 112-- It's over now-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Nov 2000-- Memphis Bleek-- Is that your chick?-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Nov 2000-- Capone-N-Noreaga-- Y'all don't wanna-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Nov 2000-- DJ Clue-- In the club-- Dir: Jeremy Rall
  Oct 2000-- Evan and Jaron-- Crazy for this girl-- Dir: Dani Jacobs
  Oct 2000-- Jaheim-- Could it be?-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Sep 2000-- Absoulute-- Is it really like that?-- Dir: Jeremy Rall
  Jul 2000-- Drama-- Double time-- Dir: Jeremy Rall
  May 2000-- Bif Naked-- We're not gonna take it-- Dir: Ulf
  Apr 2000-- Bosson-- We live [version 2]-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Apr 2000-- Cuban Link-- Flowers for the dead-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Apr 2000-- the Eastsidaz-- Got beef-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Mar 2000-- Big Punisher-- It's so hard-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Feb 2000-- Methodman Redman-- Y.O.U.-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Feb 2000-- Videodrone-- Ty Jonathan Down-- Dir: Nathan Cox
  Jan 2000-- Billie Myers-- It all comes down to you-- Dir: Lawrence Carroll
  Dec 1999-- Ghostface Killah-- Apollo kids-- Dir: Chris Robinson & Ghostface Killah
  Nov 1999-- Mandy Moore-- Candy-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Nov 1999-- Rell-- When will U see?-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Sep 1999-- Jagged Edge-- Keys to the Ranger-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  Sep 1999-- Tash-- Rap for life-- Dir: Chris Robinson
  May 1999-- Ginuwine-- So anxious-- Dir: Chris Robinson
   1999-- Limp Bizkit-- Nookie-- Dir: Fred Durst
   1999-- Jo Dee Messina-- Because you love me-- Dir: Lawrence Carroll
  Sep 1998-- Shawn Mullins-- Lullaby-- Dir: Roger Pistole
  Jul 1998-- Tina Arena-- I want to spend my lifetime loving you-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Jul 1998-- Ace of Base-- Cruel summer [version 2: Europe]-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Jun 1998-- Richie Sambora-- In it for love-- Dir: Nigel Dick
   1998-- Randy Travis-- Spirit of a boy, wisdom of a man-- Dir: Joe Murray
   1998-- Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-- Mr. Pinstripe Suit-- Dir: Roger Pistole
   1998-- Solution AD-- Fearless-- Dir: Roger Pistole
  Oct 1997-- Ozzy Osbourne-- Back on Earth-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Sep 1997-- Oasis-- Don't go away-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Jun 1997-- Mansun-- Wide open space [version 2: USA]-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Jun 1997-- Sugar Ray-- Fly-- Dir: McG
  Apr 1997-- Funky Green Dogs-- Fired up!-- Dir: Carlos Grasso
  Apr 1997-- Matchbox Twenty-- Push-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Apr 1997-- the Suicide Machines-- S.O.S.-- Dir: Paul Andresen
  Apr 1997-- Meredith Brooks-- Bitch-- Dir: Paul Andresen
  Mar 1997-- Keb Mo-- Just like you-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Mar 1997-- the Offspring-- Gone away-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Mar 1997-- Savage Garden-- I want you-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Jan 1997-- Veruca Salt-- Volcano girls-- Dir: Nancy Bardawil & Paul Andresen
   1997-- Drill-- Innuendo-- Dir: Paul Andresen
  Dec 1996-- Social Distortion-- When the angels sing-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Oct 1996-- Chantal Kreviazuk-- God made me-- Dir: Paul Andresen
  Oct 1996-- Matchbox Twenty-- Long day-- Dir: Roger Pistole
  Oct 1996-- the Borrowers-- The beautiful struggle-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Sep 1996-- Jewel-- You were meant for me [version 1: theatre]-- Dir: Sean Penn
  Sep 1996-- D Generation-- No way out-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Aug 1996-- Charrise Arrington-- Down with this-- Dir: Frank Gatson, Jr.
  Aug 1996-- Rage Against the Machine-- People of the Sun-- Dir: Peter Christopherson & Sergei Eisenstein
  Jul 1996-- Kula Shaker-- Tattva-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Jul 1996-- CÚline Dion-- It's all coming back to me now-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Apr 1996-- Rage Against the Machine-- Bulls on parade-- Dir: Peter Christopherson
  Mar 1996-- Oasis-- Champagne supernova-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Feb 1996-- Eros Ramazzotti-- Pi¨ bella cosa-- Dir: Nigel Dick
   1996-- Garland Jeffreys-- Original lust 
   1996-- Candela Azul-- Juegalo-- Dir: Roger Pistole
  Oct 1995-- Oasis-- Wonderwall-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  May 1995-- Oasis-- Rock 'n' roll star-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Mar 1995-- Van Halen-- Can't stop lovin' you-- Dir: Peter Christopherson
  Feb 1995-- Bad Religion-- Infected [version 1]-- Dir: Carlos Grasso
  Feb 1995-- the Real McCoy-- Run away-- Dir: Nigel Dick
  Dec 1994-- Van Halen-- Don't tell me (what love can do)-- Dir: Peter Christopherson
  Jul 1994-- General Public-- I'll take you there 
  Mar 1994-- Cracker-- Get off this-- Dir: Carlos Grasso
  Nov 1993-- R. Kelly-- Sex me-- Dir: Kim Watson
   1993-- Rage Against the Machine-- Freedom-- Dir: Peter Christopherson
  Jan 1990-- ExposÚ-- Tell me why-- Dir: David Kellogg
  Nov 1989-- Giant-- Innocent days-- Dir: David Kellogg
  Nov 1989-- Quincy Jones-- I'll be good to you-- Dir: David Kellogg
  Oct 1989-- Taylor Dayne-- With every beat of my heart-- Dir: David Kellogg
   -- Deep Blue Something-- Halo -- Dir: Carlos Grasso

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