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Partizan Entertainment

Production company
Status : active
Country : USA
There is also a French branch and a UK branch.

Click here to list all videos that Partizan Entertainment is known to have been involved with.

Contact information :

Current roster    (as of 21 Mar 2018)

Other directors who have worked with Partizan Entertainment in the past:

AB/CD/CD, Alex & Martin, Philip Andelman, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, BBGUN, Tom Beard, Anthea Benton, Edouard Bertrand, Daniel Brereton, Kinga Burza, Chris Cairns, Canada, Mimi Cave, Barney Clay, Lisa Crook, Tabitha Denholm, Quentin Dupieux, Jared Eberhardt, Raphael Frydman, Olivier Gondry, Michael Gracey, Gil Green, Andrew Gura (2006-?), High5Collective, Liz Hinlein, Hoku & Adam, Honey, Jaume, Jesse John Jenkins, Josh & Xander, Arthur King, Associates in Science, Thomas Mignone, Bo Mirosseni, Doug Nichol, Nagi Noda, Ace Norton, Nima Nourizadeh, Lisa Paclet, David Palmer, Valerie Pirson, Mike Piscitelli, Ramon & Pedro, Jeff Renfroe, Jeff Richter, Niki Roberton (2005-?), Chris Robinson, Henry Scholfield, Skinny, Cat Solen, Ray Tintori, Traktor, Vincent Tsang.

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