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Academy Films

Production company
Status : active
Country : UK
See also Academy's US branch, though the company has no physical presence there -- directors are repped instead through Hello!.

Click here to list all videos that Academy Films is known to have been involved with.

Contact information :

Current roster    (as of 18 Dec 2017)

Other directors who have worked with Academy Films in the past:

Gordon Anderson, Antti Jokinen (2005-?), Sam Arthur, Daniel Askill (?-2006), Lenny Bass (2005-?), Keith Bearden (2006-?), Amanda Boyle, Wilfrid Brimo (?-2005), the Brothers Quay, Ben Crook (2006-?), Garth Davis, NABIL, David Fincher, Liz Friedlander (2005-?), Kim Gehrig (2006-?), Ed Gill, Nick Gordon, Johnny Green, James Griffiths (?-2006), Corin Hardy, Martin Hodara, Francis Lawrence (2005-?), Jakob Marky, Diane Martel (2005-?), Tim Miller, Ne-O, Lynne Ramsay (2005-?), Tim Royes (2006-?), Miguel Sapochnik, Nzingha Stewart (2005-?), Andre Stringer, Vem (2005-?), Markus Walter, Marc Webb (2005-?).

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