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Maestro "Darlin' Celsa"
Directed by Parachutes

New releases (15 latest)

  • James Maslow
  • Brooke Candy
       A study in duality
       (Dir: Brooke Candy & Lil Internet)
  • Vado
       Checks n cash
       (Dir: Rock Davis & Jay Rodriguez)
  • Motion Device
  • Maestro
       Darlin' Celsa
       (Dir: Parachutes)
  • Joe Stone
       The party (this is how we do it)
  • Alessandra Amoroso
       Urlo e non mi senti
       (Dir: Gaetano Morbioli)
  • Yandel
       Calentura (remix)
  • Nek
       Se telefonando
       (Dir: Gaetano Morbioli)
  • Claydee
       (Dir: Alex Konstantinidis)
  • Natalia
       Solo tú
  • Maroon 5
       This summer's gonna hurt like a motherfucker
  • Stereophonics
       C'est la vie
       (Dir: Kelly Jones)
  • Enter Shikari
       Torn apart
       (Dir: Mike Tyler)
  • Marina Kaye
       Sounds like Heaven

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