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LAST UPDATED: June 23, 2018

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New features launched!

A couple of months ago I started a weekly vlog showcasing the best music videos of the past week. To this date, there are 10 episodes out with a new one due every Monday (though #11 might come out Tuesday instead as I'll have a busy weekend).

For a full list of episodes, and to view the latest, check out the mvdbvlog page or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

In other news, I've reopened the features section. There isn't much there to see yet, but it should fill up quickly as there are many projects in the works, including a monthly review of the month's best releases. The first of these is now online.

Upcoming award shows

Jun. 24 - BET Awards 2018 Airs today!


  • Mellah - Cigarette lighter (2018)
  • Lucifer - Dreamer (2018)
  • Tarja - Undertaker (2018)
  • Kobra and the Lotus - Velvet roses (2018)
  • Powerwolf - Fire & forgive (2018)
  • PNL - A l'ammoniaque (2018)
  • Gianni Morandi - Ultraleggero (2018)
  • Bianca Atzei - Risparmio un sogno (2018)
  • MHD - Bodyguard (2018)
  • Matt Hammitt - Could've been (2018)
  • Adam Sanders - Over did it (2018)
  • Great Good Fine Ok - Change (2018)
  • Daniela Spalla - Vete de una vez (2018)
  • Andrea Bocelli - Qualcosa più dell'oro (2018)
  • Loomy - Grandi (2018)

    Boulevard des Airs "Je me dis que toi aussi"
    Directed by Original Kids

    New releases (15 latest)

    Lucifer - Dreamer

    Tarja - Undertaker

    Powerwolf - Fire & forgive

    PNL - A l'ammoniaque
    (Dir: Kamerameha & Kim Chapiron & Mess)

    OneRepublic - Start again
    (Dir: James Lees)

    Mura Masa - Move me
    (Dir: Yoni Lappin)

    Lil Yachty - Boom!
    (Dir: Glassface)

    Kaaris - G.O.K.O.U
    (Dir: Cédrick Cayla)

    Raja Kumari - I did it

    Juancho Marqués - Cristal

    lowlow - Basso basso

    En?gma - Golgotha
    (Dir: Corrado Perria & Paolo Maneglia)

    L.E.J - Acrobates
    (Dir: Sindbad Gillain)

    Cepeda - Llegas tú

    Kungs - Be right here
    (Dir: Mary Clerté)

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    Upcoming videos

  • Commodo
       (Dir: RUFFMERCY)

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