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mvdbase has been available for close to 20 years now. And though I still refuse to charge anything to view all the data that is on here, it's become increasingly clear that I need to find some way to make the site financially viable.

Many of you likely do not realize this, but mvdbase is (for the most part) a one-man operation that I work on in my free time, which is why the site will often not be updated for months, or even sometimes (sadly) years.

I am growing tired of this (as I'm sure many of you are as well!) but the only solution I can think of is to turn this into a full-time job... and believe me, that's a full-time job I would totally love! But I can't pull this off without your help!

So I will soon be launching a Patreon campaign that will allow those of you who wish to support the site to make a monthly donation.

I've started to set this all up and you can read more about this (including what exclusive features will be available ONLY to members) on this page.

If you wish to discuss this project, feel free to drop me an email message or leave a comment on the mvdbase Facebook page.

Let's build the next 20 years (and more) together!

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May 03 - 2018 East Coast Music Awards


  • Haim - Night so long (2018)
  • Mabel - Fine line (2018)
  • Shy'm - Madinina (2018)
  • Skott - Stay off my mind (2018)
  • Jocelyn Alice - I know (2018)
  • Pale Waves - The tide (2018)
  • Avante Black - Blackbirds (2018)
  • Maroon 5 - Wait (2018)
  • Calvin Harris - Nuh ready nuh ready (2018)
  • Mae Muller - The hoodie song (2018)
  • Erin Budina - Groupie (2018)
  • Lucy Rose - Strangest of ways (2018)
  • Kate Nash - Drink about you (2018)
  • Thirdstory - Still in love (2018)
  • Naps - Recherché (2018)

    En Vogue "Rocket"
    Directed by Damien Sandoval

    New releases (15 latest)

    Avante Black - Blackbirds
    (Dir: Katia Ganfield)

    Shy'm - Madinina
    (Dir: Biggie)

    Maroon 5 - Wait [version 2: horizontal]
    (Dir: Dave Meyers)

    Calvin Harris - Nuh ready nuh ready
    (Dir: Emil Nava)

    Erin Budina - Groupie
    (Dir: Shamara Adams)

    Lucy Rose - Strangest of ways
    (Dir: Lucy Rose)

    Thirdstory - Still in love [version 2: concept]
    (Dir: Austin S. Winchell)

    Skott - Stay off my mind
    (Dir: Billy Boyd Cape)

    Pale Waves - The tide
    (Dir: Andy DeLuca)

    Mae Muller - The hoodie song
    (Dir: Josh Cohen)

    Cashmere Cat - Miss you

    Grace VanderWaal - City song
    (Dir: Brian Petchers)

    Brantley Gilbert - The ones that like me
    (Dir: Anthony Mandler)

    Hailee Steinfeld - Capital letters
    (Dir: Hannah Lux Davis)

    nothing,nowhere. - Waster
    (Dir: nothing,nowhere.)

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