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I am a French citizen with an international background. My parents were born in Algeria (back when it still belonged to France) and I was born in Africa (Guinea). My family is of Spanish origin (thus my last name, Garcia). My father was an engineer and so traveled a lot for his job. We lived in Saudi Arabia (where I studied in an American school for nine years and learned English), Indonesia, Guyana and many other countries. My culture is both French and American (I grew up to Sesame Street and the Muppet Show just like any American kid of my generation!).

My main goal in life has always been to become a writer. I love to write, no matter the form (fiction, articles, song lyrics, poems, screenplays, etc.) But when I graduated from high school, I had to decide what to do next. Since I had a strong passion for movies, and wanted to write screenplays and direct (to stay in control of my ideas), I opted for film school.

After film school, I became a freelance writer and joined the Internet in early 1996. I soon created The Icarus Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science-Fiction (initially both in French and English, although the English version is now long gone) and discovered myself a new passion for HTML coding and the Web in general.

I have also written about 400 song lyrics since 1984, published a reference book about TV producer Aaron Spelling, and edited two magazines in the 90's. I am a professional translator since late 2002 and am currently working on a short film project which should be shot in the summer of 2004.

To know more about your host, check out my personal homepage.

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