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New releases for the month of September 1997

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25 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 29, 1997 (1 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Arthur H   La lionne et l'éléphant   Ken Higelin  
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 22, 1997 (2 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Faudel   Tellement n'brick / Tellement je t'aime   David Vital-Durand & Raphaël Vital-Durand  
Dany Brillant   Ronsard 96    
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 15, 1997 (12 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Bootsy Collins + MC Lyte   I'm leavin' you   Philipp Stolzl  
Pappa Bear + Van Der Toorn   Cherish   Patric Ullaeus  
the Rapsody + Warren G. & Sissel   Prince Igor   Martin Weisz  
Ricky   Easy   Patrick Kiely  
Tocotronic   Dieses Jahr   Til Obladen  
Black Attack   It's a shame   Thomas Job  
Funky Diamonds   Get it on   Norbert Heitker  
Hypertrophy   Beautiful day   Rainer Thieding  
Our World   Ich bin ein Berliner   Mark Feuerstake  
Sequential One   Dreams    
X-Perience   I don't care   Cadmo Quintero  
Yam Yam   Planet love   Volker Hannwacker  
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 8, 1997 (1 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Louise Attaque   J't'emmène au vent   Philippe Gautier  
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 1, 1997 (9 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Sash! + La Trec   Stay   Oliver Sommer  
Die Coolen Säue   Es tut mir leid   Liz Wendelbo  
Die Fantastischen Vier   Original Benztown Mixdown   Zoran Bihac  
DJ the Crow   Fly away   Oliver Sommer  
Fury in the Slaughterhouse   Riding on a dead horse   L. Mar & Fury  
Jam & Spoon   El baile   Zoran Bihac  
Joy, Sugar & Cream   My land is your land   Thomas Job  
Mega'lo Mania   Circus clown    
T. Jay   Funky cool big mama   Schofield & Sternberg  

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