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New releases for the week of March 26, 2001

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40 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF MARCH 26, 2001 (40 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Alien Ant Farm   Movies   Marcos Siega  
Ash   Burn, baby, burn   Jeff Thomas  
the Avalanches   Since I left you   Rob Leggatt & Leigh Marling  
the Beatnuts   No escapin' this   Nzingha Stewart  
Cold   No one   Fred Durst  
Creeper Lagoon   Wrecking ball   Clark Eddy  
Cut Le Roc   Fallen   Jordan Scott  
Cylob   Smash up the pram   Matt Platts-Mills  
Daft Punk   Aerodynamic   Leiji Matsumoto  
Econoline Crush   Make it right   Craig Bernard  
Eden's Crush   Get over yourself   Honey & Travis Payne  
Missy Elliott   Get Ur freak on   David Meyers  
Goldfrapp   Human   Jake Scott  
Jurassic 5   The influence   Marcos Siega  
Kings of Convenience   Toxic girl   François Nemeta  
L-Burna + Baby S   Make my day   Benny Matthews  
Matchbox Twenty   Mad season   Philip Harder  
Maxwell   Get to know ya   Johan Renck  
Chanté Moore   Bitter   Aaron Courseault  
Mr. Short Khop + Kokane   Dollaz, drank & dank   Tyler Simms & Troy Stroud  
Nash   100 million ways   Andy Hylton  
Nelly   Ride wit me   Marc Klasfeld  
New Found Glory   Hit or miss (waited too long)   Smith n' Borin  
Philly's Most Wanted   Cross the border   Jeremy Rall  
Photek + Robert Owens   Mine to give   Miriam Kruishoop  
Project Pat + La Chat & Three 6 Mafia   Chicken head   Bryan Barber  
Queen Pen   I got cha   Smith n' Borin  
R.E.M.   Imitation of life   Garth Jennings  
Saliva   Your disease   David Meyers  
Shea Seger   The last time   Mat Kirkby  
Skrape   Waste   Lorin, Dan, Tracy & Brett  
Sum 41   Fat lip / Pay for pleasure   Marc Klasfeld  
Sunshine Anderson   Heard it all before   Nzingha Stewart  
Tantric   Breakdown    
Taproot   Again & again   Shawn Foster  
Tortoise   Seneca   Braden King  
Train   Drops of Jupiter   Nigel Dick  
Tyrese   I like them girls   David Meyers  
Zoot Woman   Living in a magazine   Dawn Shadforth  
Human Nature   When we were young   Anthony Rose  

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