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New releases for the week of June 18, 2001

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33 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF JUNE 18, 2001 (33 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
311   You wouldn't believe   Mark Kohr  
Seven Mary Three   Wait   John Stockwell  
Aerosmith   Fly away from here   Joseph Kahn  
Alien Ant Farm   Smooth criminal   Marc Klasfeld  
Bon Jovi   One wild night   Nancy Bardawil  
Slimm Calhoun   The cut song   David Nelson  
Catatonia   Stone by stone   Jake & Jim  
Cold   End of the world   Jacques Rey  
D-12   Purple hills   Joseph Kahn  
Databitch   Electricity   Steven Wagner  
Depeche Mode   I feel loved   John Hillcoat  
Digital Assassins   Night of the living baseheads (something really bad)   Danny Passman  
Missy Elliott + Ludacris & Trina   One minute man   David Meyers  
Feeder   Turn   David Mould  
Fuel   Bad day   Nigel Dick  
Gloss   New Tork boy   Sam Brown  
Gorillaz   19-2000   Jamie Hewlett  
Manu Chao   Me gustas tu   Manu Chao  
Jimmy Eat World   Bleed American   Ross Richardson  
Ricky Martin   Loaded   Bob Giraldi  
Migola   The guilt   Nacho R. Piedra  
Mouse on Mars   Actionist respoke   Rosa Babra  
N.E.R.D. + Lee Harvey   Lapdance   Diane Martel  
New Flesh + Gift of Gab   Communicate   Richard Anthony  
Ocean Colour Scene   Mechanical wonder   Paul Williams  
Ian Pooley + Esthero   Balmes / A better life   Max Zimmerman  
Roots Manuva   Witness (1 hope)   Matt Kirkby  
Jessica Simpson + Jermaine Dupri & Lil' Bow Wow   Irresistible   Cameron Casey  
Snoop Dogg + Soopafly & Butch Cassidy   Loosen' control   Jeremy Rall  
Sting   After the rain has fallen   Diane Martel  
Stone Temple Pilots   Days of the week   Kevin Kerslake  
Tindersticks   Can our love   Martin Wallace  
Tricky + Ed Kowalczyk & Hawkman   Evolution revolution love   Jake Scott  

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