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New releases for the week of June 24, 2002

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37 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF JUNE 24, 2002 (37 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Ali + St. Lunatics   Breathe in, breathe out   Benny Boom  
AZ + El Shaber   I'm back   Khadar & Carty Talkington  
Mary J. Blige + Ja Rule   Rainy dayz   David Palmer  
Sheryl Crow   Steve McQueen   Wayne Isham  
Doves   Pounding   Julian Gibbs & Julian House  
Jermaine Dupri + Murphy Lee & P. Diddy   Welcome to Atlanta   Benny Boom  
Garbage   Shut your mouth   Neil Coxhill  
Darren Hayes   Strange relationship   Tommy O'Haver  
Idlewild   American English   Alex Smith  
IMX   Ain't no need   Erik White  
Incubus   Are you in?   Dewey Nicks  
Matthew Jay   Please don't send me away    
Lil Wayne + Baby & TQ   Way of life   Scott Kalvert  
the Von Bondies   It came from Japan   Anthony Ernest Garth  
Madredeus   Oxala [Telepopmusik mix]   Joao Nino Pinto  
Christina Milian   When you look at me   Bille Woodruff  
My Vitriol   Moodswings    
Onyx   Slam harder   Zodiac Fishgrease  
Beth Orton   Concrete sky   Mike Mills  
Primal Scream   Miss Lucifer   Dawn Shadforth  
Scarface   On my block   Marc Klasfeld  
Soil   Unreal   Marc Webb  
Space Monkeyz   Lil' Dub Chefin'   Jamie Hewlett & Tim U. & Mat Watkins  
Toploader   Time of my life    
FC Kahuna   Machine says yes   Don Cameron  
Sinister Child   Brush 'em off   Terence Gordon  
Sophie Ellis Bextor   Get over you   MAD  
Slo-Mo   Death of a raver   Moses Muwanga  
Styles   Good times   Jessy Terrero  
Pastor Troy + Peter the Disciple   Vice versa   Fat Cats  
the Kidney Thieves   Zero space   Corey Campodonico  
Ozma   Domino effect   Joe Escalante  
Kaolin   Pour le peu    
David Hallyday   Repenses-y si tu veux   Jean Sacuto  
Sixwire   Look at me now   Steven Goldmann  
Marie Sisters   Real bad mood    
Tift Merritt   Virginia, no one can warn you    

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