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New releases for the month of May 2004

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113 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF MAY 31, 2004 (27 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Avril   Be yourself   Patrick Volve  
MC Solaar   Au pays de Gandhi   Julien Trousselier  
Steeve Estatof   Garde-moi   Igreco  
Christina Milian   Dip it low   Matthew Rolston  
Thierry Amiel   Un jour arrive   Camille Bovier Lapierre  
Wesh Momo   L'anaconda (ouais ma gueule...)   Mr. Ham  
Lady Ragga   Come & get it    
Nolwenn Leroy   Inévitablement   Marc Ballif  
the Vines   Winning days   Michel Gondry & Olivier Gondry  
William Hung   She bangs   Jeff Richter  
Amy Winehouse   In my bed   Paul Gore  
Seether + Amy Lee   Broken   Nigel Dick  
George Michael   Flawless (go to the city)   Jake Scott  
Beyonce   Naughty girl    
Dub Asylum   She dubs me, she dubs me not    
Luck   Here they come, there they go    
Javine   Best of my life    
Marc Anthony   Ahora quien   Marcus Raboy  
the Baha Men   Holla   Davy Duhamel  
My Morning Jacket   One big holiday   Adam Pollina  
Dashboard Confessional   Vindicated   Nigel Dick  
Will Ferrell   Afternoon delight   Adam McKay & the Malloys  
Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff   Our lips are sealed   Chris Applebaum  
the Wage of Sin   Severed   Joshua Katcher  
Jedd Hughes   High lonesome   Brent Hedgecock  
Josh Turner   What it ain't   Steven Goldmann  
Jeff Bates   I wanna make you cry   Steven Weaver  
WEEK OF MAY 24, 2004 (19 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
IAM   Stratégie d'un pion   Didier D. Daarwin  
Karl Zéro   Coconut woman    
Booba   Numéro 10   Xavier de Nauw  
Mousse T + Emma Lanford   Is it 'cos I'm cool?    
Gordon Sanchez   Ce serait si bien    
Sita   Ce qui nous rend fous   Thierry Vergnes  
K-Maro   Femme like U   Tarik Hamdine  
Jenifer   Ma révolution   Franck Voiturier  
Sylvie Vartan   Ce n'est pas rien   Franck Voiturier  
Agir, Réagir   Agir, réagir   Michaël Viger  
Linkin Park   Breaking the habit   Mr. Hahn  
Britney Spears   Everytime   David LaChapelle  
Jay-Z   Dirt off your shoulder   Dave Meyers  
Kanye West + Sylena Johnson   All falls down   Chris Milk  
Rooney   I'm shakin'    
Frankee   F.U.R.B.    
Suffocation   Surgery of impalement    
Rachel Proctor   Me and Emily    
Malibu Storm   Photograph    
WEEK OF MAY 17, 2004 (21 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Kool & the Gang + Banner & Sean Paul   Ladies' night   Bill Schacht  
Yannick Noah   Mon Eldorado   Didier Kerbrat  
the Youngsters   Place, race & face   Jordan Feldman  
Neje   Mamie blue    
Francis Cabrel   Bonne nouvelle   Olivier Dahan  
Chimène Badi   J'ai rêvé (le jour d'après)   Philippe Gautier  
Placebo   Every you every me    
les Enfoirés   Une autre histoire    
Air   Surfing on a rocket   Antoine Bardou-Jacquet & Romain Guillon  
Arno   Chic et pas cher   Lionel Goldstein  
Antilop SA   Antilop SA party   Karim Ouaret  
Relic   Banana style   Chris Delaporte  
Gommora   Living in da ghetto    
Evanescence   Everybody's fool   Philipp Stolzl  
Steven Seagal   Girl it's alright    
Gerald Genty   Pour l'instant j'suis pas encore trop connu, ça va, mais après... j'sais pas   Jonathan Kluger  
Cerena   Rosso   Gaetano Morbioli  
Don Williams   My heart to you   John Donegan  
the Datsuns   Blacken my thumb    
Trace Adkins   Rough & ready   Michael Salomon  
Loretta Lynn + Jack White   Miss being Mrs.    
WEEK OF MAY 10, 2004 (34 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Indochine   J'ai demandé à la lune    
Indochine   Mao boy !    
Robert & Majandra   Le prince bleu   Sébastien Rossignol  
Uncommonmenfrommars   You can be evil    
Lynnsha   S'évader   Igreco  
Lenny Kravitz   Where are we runnin'?   Philip Andelman  
la Grande Sophie   On savait (devenir grand)   Arnaud & Caleb  
Eamon   Fuck it (I don't want you back)    
Joël O'Cangha & Laura Presgurvic & S. Delmas   Medley    
Generazione Italia   Parce que je t'aime   Jean-Louis Carrasco  
Kenj Small   J'me prends pas la tête    
the Corrs   Summer sunshine   Kevin Godley  
P.J. Harvey   Who the fuck?   Maria Mochnacz  
People Like You   People like you    
Karen Mulder   Sors de moi   Daniel Chenevez  
Kelis   Trick me   Mr. X  
Nelly Furtado   Try   Sophie Muller  
Cubanito 20.02   Pideme    
Dimmer   ???    
Incubus   Talk shows on mute   Floria Sigismondi  
Nikola Sarvecis   ???    
Gomez   Silence   Uwe Flade  
Division of Laura Lee   ???    
Strawpeople   ???    
Zed   ???    
Ruben Studdard   What if?   Benny Boom  
Big & Rich   Save a horse (ride a cowboy)   David Hogan  
Sly Boogy   Thatz my name   Vem  
Deborah Harry & Perry Farrell   The patience bossa   Gary Oldman  
Sonic Animation   Paralexic cliches   Morgan Evans  
Jason McCoy   I feel a sin comin' on   Margaret Malandruccolo  
John Mayer & Brad Paisley   Why Georgia?   Michael McNamara  
Doc Walker   North Dakota boy    
Jessi Alexander   Honeysuckle sweet   Roger Pistole  
WEEK OF MAY 3, 2004 (12 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Sandra Lou   Le banana split    
Chris Biggin   Shake it up    
Luke   La sentinelle   Henri-Jean Debon  
Elsa   Mon amour   Paf le Chien  
Zero 7   Somersault    
David Guetta   Money   Frédéric Grivois  
Mr. Vegas   Pull up   Andrew Dosunmu  
Al Peco   Tout lacher pour...    
Jean-Roch   Can you feel it?   Thierry Vergnes  
Josh Gracin   I want to live   Brent Hedgecock  
Sara Evans   Suds in the bucket   Peter Zavadil  
the Jenkins   Blame it on mama   Steven Goldmann  

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