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New releases for the month of September 2005

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395 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 26, 2005 (98 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Joe Nichols   Tequila makes her clothes fall off    
k-os   The love song   Micah J. Meisner & k-os  
Relient K   Who I am hates who I've been   Jon Watts  
the Rolling Stones   Streets of love   Jake Nava  
Kray Twinz + Twista & Lethal B   What we do   Rich Newey  
Cali   Qui se soucie de moi ?   François Nemeta  
Maroon 5   Shiver    
D4L   Laffy Taffy   Thomas Forbes  
Common   Testify   Anthony Mandler  
Liz Phair   Everything to me   Phil Harder  
Santana + Michelle Branch & the Wreckers   I'm feeling you   the Malloys  
Wouilo   On est trop jeune    
Street Politiks   Fast car    
Richie Hawtin   The tunnel   Ali M. Demirel  
Pleymo   Rock    
la Grande Sophie   Je ne changerai jamais   Fabien Dufils  
P. Katerine   100% VIP    
Sinclair   Heureux quand même    
Test Icicles   Circle. Square. Triangle.   Minivegas  
Amusement Parks on Fire   Blackout    
White Rose Movement   Alsatian   Rojo  
Echelon   Windows shut   Samuel Smith  
the Bled   My assassin   P.R. Brown  
Blankass   Fatigué   Tyman & d'Andon  
Ze Pekeno   Le centre du monde    
K-Maro   Histoire de luv   Karim Ouaret  
Royal Gigolos   Self control    
les Trois Accords   Hawaïenne   Louis-Philippe Eno  
Ilona Mitrecey   Dans ma fusée    
Louis Bertignac & Carla Bruni   Les frôleuses   Cyril Houplain  
Koda Kumi   Promise    
Kemuri   Jojou no uta    
Zeebra   Oh yeah    
Remioromen   Ao no sekai    
Kawakami Tsuyoshi to Kare no Mudomeikazu   One step forward    
Grapevine   Horo furiiku    
Hansen   Baby Melancholie    
Muff Potter   Alles Nur Geklaut    
Gianluca Grignani   Il re del niente    
Officine Pan   Soltanto    
Wynonna   Love can build a bridge    
Jaqee   The way you make me feel   Jan Vasquez  
Brassmunk   Drive me crazy   Cazhhmere  
Tru-Paz   Rude boy   Marc André Debruyne  
Blackalicious   Your move    
Frankie J   More than words   Chris Applebaum  
Eternia   Evidence    
Accrophone   Laissez-moi dormir    
Dobacaracol   Baisé salé    
Marc Dupré   Voyager vers toi   Mathieu Grondin  
Mentake   Moving on    
Ruffneck   On trouve le moyen de chanter    
Secret Lives of the Freemasons   It only took a whisper   Mark Serao & Chris Vaglio  
Béluga   Si un jour    
les Dale Hawerchuk   Dale Hawerchuk   Louis-Philippe Eno  
Malajube   Le jus de citron    
Mobile   Montreal calling   Kyle Davison  
the Populars   Hurry up and die    
THC   In de Noordside    
Proof   Gurlz wit tha boom    
Gio   You could be that girl   Jelle Posthuma  
Scooter   Hello! (good to be back)   Robert Bröllochs  
Room 5 + Oliver Cheatam   Make luv    
Nena   Lass Mich   Marcus Sternberg  
Serk & She-Raw & Amun   Kein Weg Zu Weit    
US 5   Just because of you   Oliver Sommer  
Jeanette   Bad Girls Club   Jörn Heitmann  
Gabry Ponte + Little Tony   Figli di Pitagora   Gaetano Morbioli  
Fler + G-Hot   Nach eigenen Regeln    
Valentine   Ocean full of tears    
Kool Savas & Azad   Guck my man   Marc Paap  
Kashmir   The curse of being a girl   Martin Zandvliot  
Basement Jaxx   Do your thing   Kim Gehrig  
Moi Caprice   My girl you blush   Ingen Frygt  
MC Rikta   Babylon   Al  
Futur Proche   Beaux parleurs   Ben Woo  
Koufax   Isabelle   Travis Kopach  
T-Bone   Can I live?   Kenn Michael  
Sylvie Lewis   By heart   Matt Baker  
Kid Carpet   Carrier bag   Bob Blunden  
Jeremy Warmsley   5 verses   Ben Rollason  
Panico   Transpiralo    
Envelopes   Sister in love   Envelopes  
Giant Drag   Kevin is gay   G.J. Echternkamp  
the Research   The way you used to smile   Sara Dunlop  
Toby Keith   Big blue note   Michael Salomon  
Kenny Chesney   Who you'd be today   Shaun Silva  
Miranda Lambert   Kerosene   Trey Fanjoy  
Bernard Fanning   Wish you well   Stephen Lance & Damon Escott  
Rick Monroe   Midnight rider    
Delta Goodrem   Be strong    
Ms. Dynamite   Father   Daniel Wolfe  
McFly   I wanna hold you   Phil Griffin  
the Audition   You've made us conscious   Shane Drake  
Starfighter   #1 today   Gaetan Verboven  
the Presets   Are you the one?   Kris Moyes  
Nexus 102   Return of the Dove   Seaton Lin  
Elus + Sky-O   Hip hop's dead   Jon Fordham  
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 (112 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
El Presidente   Rocket   Jonas Odell  
Hawthorne Heights   Niki F.M.   Major Lightner  
Trivium   A gunshot to the head of trepidation   Shane Drake  
Audiobullys   I'm in love   Shilo  
Bomba   Money   Stéphane Lionardo  
Juelz Santana   There it go (the whistle song)   Scott Franklin  
Ricky Martin + Amerie & Fat Joe   I don't care / Que mas da   Diane Martel  
Rihanna   If it's lovin' that you want   Marcus Raboy  
Coheed & Cambria   The suffering   Artificial Army  
Missy Elliott   Teary eyed   Antti J. Jokinen & Missy Elliott  
Faith Hill + Tim McGraw   Like we never loved at all   Sophie Muller  
Battle   Demons   Type2error  
the Rakes   22 grand job   Type2error  
Audioslave   Doesn't remind me   Chris Milk  
Laura Veirs   Galaxies   Terri Timely  
Caramba + Pedro   Bomba do Brazil   Nicolas Fogliarini  
Simone Cristicchi   Studentessa universitaria    
Jovanotti   Mi fido di te   Ambrogio LoGiudice  
Giuliano Palma   Messico e nuvole    
Crazy Frog   Popcorn   Andreas Wicklund  
Stadio   Mi vuoi ancora    
Paul McCartney   Fine line   Simon Hilton  
Audiorama   Tutta una questione   Piero Costantini  
George Jones & Dolly Parton   The bluesman    
Elizabeth Cook   Before I go that far    
Darin   Step up    
Bless + Rah Digga   Jealousy   Marc André Debruyne  
F.IT   Listen to F.IT    
J-Man   I wish I [remix]    
Ms. Dynamite   Judgement Day   Giuseppe Capotondi  
DJ Tomekk + Das Bo   Eey yo (Eyns)   Jörn Heitmann  
Midchester   Living by the sea   Andreas Steinkogler  
Phillip Boa   Burn all the flags   Christian Theede  
Simply Red   Perfect love   Russell Thomas  
Stereophonics   Devil   Charles Mehling  
Alkaline Trio   Mercy me   Benjamin Goldman  
Dee   Let's have a rendez-vous    
Default   Count on me   Andrew MacNaughtan  
Matthew Barber   Soft one   Sean Michael Turrell  
Lange Frans & Baas B   Het Land Van...    
Zuco 103   Na mangueira    
Veto   You're a knife   Feta  
Zoé   Dead   Dalai Vado  
Shannon Noll   Shine   Anthony Rose  
MxPx   Wrecking hotel rooms   Jeff Myers  
Lil' Kim   Lighters up   Kirk Frasier & Hillary Weston  
Ne-Yo + Peedi Peedi   Stay    
R. Kelly   Let your light shine    
R. Kelly   Slow wind   Lil' X & R. Kelly  
the Game   Put you on the game   Damon Johnson  
Styles P + Akon   Can you believe it?    
Fiona Apple   Parting gift   Spencer Maggart  
Georges-Alain Jones   Central Park   Franck Khalfoun  
Lethal Bizzle   Fire   Luc Janin  
the Prodigy   Voodoo people   Ron Scalpello  
AS Dragon   Comme je suis    
Vinylshakers   One night in Bangkok    
Nate James   The message   Phil Griffin  
the Magic Numbers   Love's a game   Dominic Leung  
the Brakes   Ring a ding ding   Becca Ellson & Joe Tunmer  
Maximo Park   Apply some pressure   Diamond Dogs  
the Rifles   Local boy   Dan Fernbach  
Border Crossing   More to life    
Katie Melua   Nine million bicycles   Kevin Godley  
Bob Sinclar   Love generation   Denis Thybaud  
Viva Voce   Wrecking ball    
the Presets   Girl and the sea   Lee Lennox  
Computerman   No more broken hearts   Futronica  
This Et Al   You've driven for miles and not remembered a thing   Rupert Noble  
Richie Hawtin   We (all) search    
Lynnsha   Tandem   Xavier Gens  
Ben Ricour   Vivre à même l'amour   Camille Henrot  
Don Omar   Dile    
Freemasons + Amanda Wilson   Love on my mind    
Barbra Streisand   Stranger    
the Pillows   Nonfikushon    
Ai Otsuka   Puranetaryumu    
Source   We are all alone    
Shakalabbits   Ladybug    
Beat Crusaders   I can see clearly now    
Hitoto   Kaza guru ma    
Bennie K   Sky    
Ku Ruri   Akai densha    
Tomita Rabo + Chemistry   Zutto yomikake no natsu    
a-ha   Celice   Jörn Heitmann  
Melissa Etheridge   Refugee   James Frost  
Fruit Bats   Lives of crime   Greg Brown  
CocoRosie   Noah's Ark   Kai Regan  
Downtown Singapore   Velvet divorce   Tyler Lambert  
the Juliana Theory   This is a lovesong... for the loveless   Travis Kopach  
Revelation Theory   Slow burn   XDOANEX  
the Blackout Pact   We drink so you don't have to   Chris Vaglio & Mark Serao  
Index Case   Deserver   Chad Calek  
the Double   Idiocy   Matt Goldman  
Arizona Amp and Alternator   Bottom of the barrel   Amy von Harrington  
Daedelus   Just briefly   DaDaKingZ  
Sleater-Kinney   Jumpers   Matt McCormick  
the Helio Sequence   Don't look away   Fred Armisen  
Chad Van Gaalen   Clinically dead   Chad Van Gaalen  
Neil Young   Walkin' to New Orleans   Bernard Sharkey  
Anthrax   Caught in a mosh    
Patty Griffin   Long ride home   BIRDmachineBIRD  
Joaquin   Cheap perfume    
Amulet   Warpriest   Lasse Gretland  
Marthe Valle   Better off without it    
the D4   Feel it, like it    
Michael Pedersen   Summer will make us fly    
Lemon   Talkingabout    
Dr. Chet    
Denver Daddy   In solitude    
Lucky Leoni   It's on again   DarkChapter  
Lex Dizik   Darkside   David Allen Ruth  
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 12, 2005 (113 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
the Ladies and Gentlemen   Stay   Benjamin Weinstein  
Manntis   Axe of redemption   Joe Rubalcaba  
the Junior Varsity   Get comfortable   Major Lightner & Robert Stoetzel  
June   Patrick   Shane Drake  
My Morning Jacket   Off the record   Jake Schreier  
Story of the Year   We don't care anymore   Kevin Kerslake  
Faithless   Insomnia   Hexstatic  
Utada Hikaru   Be my last   Kaz I. Kiriya  
Robbie Williams   Trippin'   Johan Renck  
Ginie Line   Jusqu'à la tolérance    
Papa A.P   Entre tu y yo   Thierry Vergnes  
t.A.T.u.   All about us   James Cox  
Aldebert   La plage    
Squeeze Up   La isla bonita    
Michal   Mon tout   Fernando de Azevedo  
W   Miss Rabu Tantei    
Tourbillon   Heaven    
Yuki   Yorokobi no tane    
Dragon Ash   Los Lobos    
Sacra   Kimi ga iru basho    
Orange Range   Kirikirimai - Fantastic Four remix    
Mr. Children   Worlds end    
Matsuri Ruka & Ando Arisu   Rabu ri ruka    
eels   Trouble with dreams   Jesse Dylan  
Stellastarr*   Sweet troubled soul   Adria Petty  
Teairra Mari   No daddy   Jessy Terrero  
Ashlee Simpson   Boyfriend   Marc Webb  
Seether   Truth   Dean Karr  
the Deathray Davies   Clock in now   Kris Youmans & Kris Hardy  
Jessica Moon   Eyes on you   Sebastian Dove  
Diefenbach   Glorious   Huse Monfaradi  
Amorphous Androgynous   The witchfinder    
Art Brut   Good weekend   Nima Nourizadeh  
New Order   Waiting for the sirens' call    
Charlotte Church   Call my name   Michael Gracey  
Sugababes   Push the button   Matthew Rolston  
Marka   Reine et roi    
Bertrand Burgalat   Spring isn't fair   Daniel Klein  
Dionysos   Tes lacets sont des fées    
Architecture in Helsinki   Do the whirlwind   Nima Nourizadeh  
Sigur Ros   Glósóli   Arni & Kinski  
Jem   Wish I   Steven Murashige  
McFly   I'll be OK   Rupert Jones  
Lisa Scott-Lee   Electric   Simon Baker  
Robert Post   Got none   Howard Greenhalgh  
Almo   So much higher    
Roll Deep   Shake a leg   MAD  
Dear Eskimo   Patience    
Laurent Viel   J'm les filles    
Bullet for my Valentine   Suffocating under words of sorrow (what can I do?)   Miha Knific  
Craig David   Don't love you no more (I'm sorry)   Robert Hales  
Littl'ans + Peter Doherty   Their way   Guy Nisbett  
Nightwish   The siren    
Communic   Conspiracy in mind   Maurice Swinkels  
A Dozen Furies   The Cycle   Darren Doane  
Between the Buried and Me   Alaska   Shane Drake  
Skindred   Nobody    
Rammstein   Benzin   Uwe Flade  
Hund Am Strand   Jungen Mädchen    
Culcha Candela   Next generation    
Alex Britti   Festa   Cosimo Alemà  
l' Aura   Today    
Liquido   Love me, love me    
Classified   No mistakes / problems   harv  
Sweatshop Union   Try   RT!  
I Wayne   Can't satisfy her    
Dazza Hayes   Darkness    
Missy Higgins   Ten days    
Jamie Cullum   Everlasting love   Toby Tremlett  
Apoptygma Berzerk   In this together   Oliver Sommer  
B-Nice   Fly    
Depeche Mode   Precious   Uwe Flade  
Damien   I.C.U.    
Marie Mai   Encore une nuit    
Alexisonfire   Hey, it's your funeral mama   Marc Ricciardelli  
the Awesome Team   The last of my world   Chris Halmo  
the Mark Inside   Sweet little sister    
Die Firma   Die Eine 2005   Oliver Sommer  
Marc Terenzi   Love to be loved by you   Oliver Sommer  
CH!PZ   Captain Hook    
Ich + Ich   Dienen    
Pachanga   Loco   Oliver Sommer  
Banaroo   Space cowboy   Robert Bröllochs  
Christina Stürmer   Engel fliegen einsam   Marcus Sternberg  
Doreen   Der Brief (Den Ich Nie Schrieb)   Oliver Sommer  
D!nation   Shut up and dance   Alex Diezinger  
Paul Van Dyk + Wayne Jackson   The other side    
Deine Lieblingsrapper   Steh Wieder Auf    
Maya Saban   Aus Und Vorbei   Oliver Sommer  
Bon Garçon   Freek U   Andreas Tibblin  
the Juan MacLean + Nancy Whang   Give me every little thing   Ben Dickinson  
Xiu Xiu   Pox   Corey Smith  
the Like   What I say and what I mean   Mike Myerberg  
Hanna-McEuen   Ocean   Keith Malloy & Brendan Malloy  
Feist   Mushaboom   Patrick Daughters  
the Heights   Long way home   Tim Mattia  
I Muvrini     Raymond Depardon  
the Rogers Sisters   Emotion control   Rob Hall  
the Kooks   Sofa song   Marco Sandeman  
the Kills   No wow    
Tina Arena   Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible   Thierry Vergnes  
Big & Rich   Comin' to your city   Jeff Richter  
Viva K   No better time   Ravi Dhar  
Viva K   Dekoder   Ravi Dhar  
Spiraling   A face for radio   Jeremy Yuricek  
Harsh Krieger   Home   Kaan Akalin  
Brad Johner   I've got it good    
Wynonna   I can only imagine    
Rachel Stevens   I said never again (but here we are)   Trudy Bellinger  
Dirty on Purpose   Mind blindness   Jacob Hensberry  
SunN.Y.   Soul of a hustler    
Blak Twang   Travellin'   Robert Chandler  
Rex Rudi   Det du vil ha    
WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 5, 2005 (72 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Jean-François Coen   Café Bouillu   Stéphane Berla  
the Exit   Don't push   Terri Timely  
the Sun   Lost at home   Shawn M. Foster  
Keith Urban   Better life   Chris Hicky  
Amine   Ma vie   Karim Ouaret  
Sofia Essaïdi   Mon cabaret   Igreco  
Will Smith   Party starter   Paul Hunter  
Mack 10 + Nate Dogg   Like this   Benny Boom  
David Gray   The one I love   Motion Theory  
Patty Loveless   Keep your distance   Traci Goudie  
Phil Vassar   Good ole days    
Twista + Trey Songz   Girl tonight   E. White  
Remy Ma   Whuteva   David Palmer  
30 Seconds to Mars   Attack   Paul Fedor [uncredited]  
Mélatonine   J'aime pas   les Slide  
Lee Ryan   Turn your car around   Sam Brown  
the Chalets   No style   D.A.D.D.Y.  
Arctic Monkeys   I bet you look good on the dancefloor   Huse Monfaradi  
Sinik   Une époque formidable    
Abysse & Ol' Kainry   Attitude de bâtard   Tony Rodriguez  
Jaguar Wright   Free   Justin Francis  
In da Mix   High energy    
Jealousy   Lucy   François Nemeta  
Vegastar   100ème étage   Jean-François Pilon  
Pinocchio   T'es pas cap, Pinocchio    
Schnappi   Schnappi das Kleine    
Alain Souchon   Et si en plus y'a personne   Thierry Rajic  
Patrick Fiori   Toutes les peines   Yannick Saillet  
175R   Merodii    
Chaba   Torai    
M-Flo loves Lisa   Tripod baby    
Jude   Shampoo    
Deli   Time 4 some action    
Fujifaburikku   Akaneiro no yuhi    
Reitena Suto   Magic words    
Kreva   Sutato    
Moonbootica   Listen    
Vasco Rossi   Senorita    
Simple Minds   Home   Andy Roberts  
Willie Nelson   The harder they come    
Diamond Rio   In God we still trust    
Rochester aka Juice   I'm ready   RT!  
Trinity Chris   Dih Anthem   Marc André Debruyne  
Stéphanie Lapointe   Nous sommes    
Capitaine Révolte   Jardinfernal    
Driver   Inhuman nature   Ryan Berzuk  
Metric   Monster hospital   Micah J. Meisner  
Eric Clapton   Revolution    
Paul Mac   Sunshine eyes    
Ben Lee   Into the dark    
Rogue Traders   Way to go    
T-Pain   I'm sprung   Flyy Kai  
Yummy Bingham + Jadakiss   Come get it    
Common   Be   Paul Hunter  
the Fray   Over my head (cable car)   Elliott Lester  
JamisonParker   Best mistake   David Yarovesky  
Norma Jean   Absentimental (street clan)   Doug Spangenberg  
Negative   Frozen to loose it all   Alex Diezinger  
Tokio Hotel   Durch den Monsun   Sandra Marschner  
Nadja Benaissa   Es Ist Liebe    
Raptile   Fight back    
Rinôçérôse   Bitch   Kal Karman  
DJ Jean   Feel it   Jelle Posthuma  
P.J. Olsson   Three light years and a day   Aaron Haye & Andrew Bennett  
Pinback   Fortress   Elliot Jokelson & Loyalkaspar  
Brittany Wells   From harm's way   Flick Wiltshire  
Van Zant   Nobody gonna tell me what to do    
Blake Shelton   Nobody but me   Peter Zavadil  
Spleen United   In peak fitness condition   Martin de Thurah  
Nichols   Time 2 zouk   Ahmadou Njoya  
Sébastien Tellier   La ritournelle   Ace Norton  
Donovan Banzana   Hail Ababa Jahnoy   Earl Lyn, Jr. & Donovan Banzana  

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