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(1999- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1999
Country : UK

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Kasabian has worked on a total of 29 videos.

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artist videography
(29 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2017-aug Ill Ray (the King)Dan Cadan
2017-mar You're in love with a psycho Wiz
2014BowAitor Throup
2014StevieNinian Doff
2014BumblebeeeAlexandre Courtès
2014Eez-ehAitor Throup
2012-jun Switchblade smiles [version 2: live]Charlie Lightening
2012-apr Man of simple pleasuresAitor Throup
2012-mar Neon noonSergio Pizzorno
2012-feb Narcotic farm IISergio Pizzorno
2012-feb Goodbye kissCharlie Lightening
2011-oct Re-wiredTom Carty
2011-aug Days are forgotten AB/CD/CD
2011-jul Switchblade smiles [version 1]Aitor Throup
2010-febVlad the Impaler [version 2] Wiz
2009-oct UnderdogCharlie Lightening
2009-aug Where did all the love go?Charles Mehling
2009-jun Fire Wiz
2009-apr Vlad the Impaler [version 1]Richard Ayoade
2006-dec Me plus oneScott Lyon
2006-sep Shoot the runner Alex & Martin
2006-jul Empire Wiz
2005-jun Club Foot [version 2: live]Charlie Lightening
2005-jun LSF (lost souls forever) [version 2: other worlds] A/V Club
2004-nov Cutt off Simon & Jon
2004-sep Processed beatsJason Smith
2004-jul LSF (lost souls forever) [version 1: women jail] Wiz
2004-may Club Foot [version 1] Wiz
2004-feb Reason is treasonScott Lyon

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