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Annie Lennox

Act type : female artist
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Annie Lennox has worked on a total of 20 videos.

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artist videography
(20 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1996Track of my tears
1995-decSomething so rightAnnie Lennox & Joe Dyer
1995-sepWaiting in vainAnnie Lennox & Joe Dyer
1995-mayA whiter shade of paleJoe Dyer & Annie Lennox
1995-febNo more "I love you's"Joe Dyer & Annie Lennox
1993-apr [GUEST] Under pressure [version 2]David Mallet & Andy Morahan
1993-marMoney can't buy itSophie Muller
1993-febLove song for a vampireSophie Muller
1992-decLittle birdSophie Muller
1992-octColdSophie Muller
1992-augWalking on broken glassSophie Muller
1992-junPreciousSophie Muller
1992-aprWhy?Sophie Muller
1990Every time we say goodbyeEd Lachman
1988-decPut a little love in your heartSophie Muller
 The giftSophie Muller
 PrimitiveSophie Muller
 MamaMelodie McDaniel
 Legend in my living roomSophie Muller
 Keep young and beautifulSophie Muller

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