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Silkk the Shocker

co-direct award nominee award winner Silkk the Shocker has worked on a total of 21 videos.

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artist videography
(21 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2002-may [GUEST] It takes twoNick Quested
2001-junThat's cool [version 2: remix]Bernard Gourley & Master P
2001-febThat's cool [version 1]Nick Quested
2000-dec [GUEST] Bout dat Master P & Aaron Courseault
2000-novHe did thatBobby Yukich
1999-sep [GUEST] Light it up Gee Bee
1999-maySomebody like meJesse Vaughn
1999-febIt ain't my fault [version 2] Gee Bee & Joe Rey
1999-febIt ain't my fault [version 1] Gee Bee
1999 [GUEST] Live or dieJeff Byrd
1998-jul [GUEST] Movin' onG. Thomas Ferguson & Haqq Islam
1998-jul [GUEST] Thug girlDarius Anthony
1998-mar [GUEST] Let's ride [version 1]Joseph Kahn
1998-febJust 'B' straight [version 2]David Meyers
1998-febJust 'B' straight [version 1]Michael Martin
1998-jan [GUEST] Make 'em say ugh!Michael Martin
1998 [GUEST] Horse & carriage [version 2: remix]Lance Rivera
1998 [GUEST] Goodbye to my homiesDavid Meyers
  [GUEST] Hoody hoo Gee Bee
  [GUEST] Thinkin' 'bout youMichael Martin
 Express yo self Gee Bee

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