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Lisa Stansfield
(1966- )

Act type : female artist
Born : 11 April 1966
Country : UK

Born in Manchester, England.

Discography :

  • 2018: Deeper

co-direct award nominee award winner Lisa Stansfield has worked on a total of 26 videos.

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artist videography
(26 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-mar Billionaire
2005-aprTreat me like a womanKevin Godley
2001-junLet's just call it love
1998Baby I need your lovin'
1997-oct The lineRocky Schenck
1997-junNever, never gonna give you upRocky Schenck
1997-marThe real thingMichael Geoghegan
1997People hold on [the bootleg mixes]Max Abbiss-Biro
1997All woman [version 2: live]
1997Don't cry for meBen Unwin
1993-novLittle bit of HeavenMarcus Raboy
1992-decSomeday (I'm coming back)Marcus Nispel
1992-nov [GUEST] All around the world [live]
1992-apr [GUEST] These are the days of our lives [live]David Mallet
1992-marTime to make you mine
1992Taint nobody's bizness if I do [live]
1991-decAll woman [version 1]Nicholas Brandt
1991-octChange [version 1: UK]Steve Lowe
1991Change [version 2: USA]Stephan Wuernitzer
1990-aprWhat did I do to you?
1990-febLive togetherPhilip Richardson
1990Down in the depthsPhilippe Gautier
1990You can't deny it
1989-octAll around the worldPhilippe Gautier
1989-augThis is the right time
1989-jan [GUEST] People hold on

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