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Critical Hit
(2013- )

Act type : collective
Formed : 2013
Country : USA

Formed by Jason Hayes (composer of the World of Warcraft soundtrack), the band specializes in covering video game music. It reunites a large array of musicians, from high-profile names (David Paich of Toto) to YouTube celebrities (violinist Taylor Davis) and video game composers (Adam Gubman).

Other members include Michael Gluck, Michelle Jade, Carlitos del Puerto, Tim MacDonald, Tina Guo, Ginger Murphy, Doug Belote, Joel Taylor, Kevin Dooley, Kole Hicks, Nita Strauss, Chet Stevens, Laurence Juber, Salome Scheidegger, Sara Andon, Shannon Canchola and Pedro Eustache.

Discography :

  • 2013: Volume one

co-direct award nominee award winner Critical Hit has worked on a total of 1 video.

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AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2014-mar Tetris main theme (Korobeiniki)Jimmy Bates

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