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Travis Tritt

Act type : male artist
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Travis Tritt has worked on a total of 40 videos.

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artist videography
(40 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2004-octWhat say you?Chris Lenz
2004-junThe girl's gone wildMichael Salomon
2004-apr [GUEST] Honky tonkin's what I do bestMichael Merriman
2003-sepLonesome, on'ry and meanRobert Deaton & George J. Flanigen IV
2002-nov [GUEST] Southern boyPeter Zavadil
2002-aug Strong enough to be your man
2002-jan [GUEST] Out of control / Raging fireBrent Hedgecock
2002-janModern day Bonnie & ClydeMichael Merriman
2001-augLove of a womanMichael Merriman
2001-janIt's a great day to be aliveJon Small
2000-augBest of intentionsMichael Merriman
1999-novMove it on overJim Shea
1998-augIf I lost youMichael Merriman
1997-julHelping me get over youMichael Merriman
1997-aprShe's going home with meMichael Merriman
1997-jan [GUEST] Here's your sign (I get the picture)Jim Yukich
1996-novWhere corn don't growMichael Merriman
1996-augMore than you'll ever knowJohn Lloyd Miller
1996-febOnly you
1995-sepSometimes she forgets
1994-octTen feet tall and bulletproofJon Small
1994-junFoolish prideGustavo Garzon
1994-marTake it easyGerry Wenner
1994Tell me I was dreamingMichael Merriman
1993-decWorth every mileGerry Wenner
1993-aprT-R-O-U-B-L-EJack Cole
1992-octLord have mercy on the working manJack Cole
1992-junThis one's gonna hurt youJohn Lloyd Miller
1992-aprBible beltMarius Penczner
1992Can I trust you with my heart?Jack Cole
1991-decThe whiskey ain't workin'Gerry Wenner
1991-sepAnymoreJack Cole
1991-junHere's a quarter
1991-febDrift off to dreamSherman Halsey
1990-sepPut some drive in your country
1990-febHelp me hold onGreg Crutcher
1989-sepCountry Club
  [GUEST] Devil comes back to GeorgiaGustavo Garzon
 Outlaws like usJohn Davis & Peter Cummings
 American flyerMarius Penczner

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