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Green Day

Act type : band
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 2004: American idiot
  • 2017: Blessed are those who listen to God's favorite band

co-direct award nominee award winner Green Day has worked on a total of 31 videos.

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artist videography
(31 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1994Armitage Shanks
1994Burn out
1994-mar LongviewMark Kohr
1994-aug Basket caseMark Kohr
1995-janWhen I come around [version 1]Mark Kohr
1995-febWhen I come around [version 2: live]Linda Mendoza
1995-octGeek stink breathMark Kohr
1996-jan Stuck with meMark Kohr
1996-febBrain stew / JadedKevin Kerslake
1996-jul Walking contradictionRoman Coppola
1997-sep Hitchin' a rideMark Kohr
1997-decTime of your life (good riddance)Mark Kohr
1998-apr RedundantMark Kohr
1999-janNice guys finish lastEvan Bernard
1999-sepLast ride inLance Bangs
2000-sep MinorityEvan Bernard
2001-janWarningFrancis Lawrence
2001-junWaitingMarc Webb
2002-janMacy's day paradeMark Kohr
2002-octPop rocks & cake
2004-augAmerican idiotSamuel Bayer
2004-novBoulevard of broken dreamsSamuel Bayer
2005-febHolidaySamuel Bayer
2005-mayWake me up when September endsSamuel Bayer
2005-octJesus of SuburbiaSamuel Bayer
2005-octSt. Jimmy [live]Samuel Bayer
2006-febAre we the waiting?Samuel Bayer
2006-nov [GUEST] The saints are comingChris Milk
2012-nov Stray heart Roboshobo
2017-nov Back in the USABrendan Walter & Greg Yagolnitzer
2017-nov 2000 light years away

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