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Corey Hart

Act type : male artist
Country : Canada

Discography :

  • 1998: Jade

co-direct award nominee award winner Corey Hart has worked on a total of 23 videos.

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artist videography
(23 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1999-feb Break the chainTryan George
1998 Lŗ-basJavier Aguilera
1998 So visible (easy to miss)Javier Aguilera
1997-junThird of June
1997-febTell me
1996-octBlack cloud rainJavier Aguilera
1993Hymn to love
1990-marA little bit of loveMeiert Avis
1990Bang! (starting over)Meiert Avis
1989Still in love
1988-junIn your soul
1987-marDancin' with my mirrorRob Quartly
1987Too good to be enough
1987Take my heart
1986-decI can't help falling in loveRob Quartly
1986-sepI am by your sideMichael Oblowitz
1986-apr Eurasian eyesRob Quartly
1986Angry young manRob Quartly
1985-nov Everything in my heartRob Quartly
1985-sepBoy in the boxMichael Oblowitz
1985-jun Never surrenderRob Quartly
1984 Sunglasses at nightRob Quartly
1983 It ain't enoughRob Quartly

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