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Act type : band
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 2017: Automaton

co-direct award nominee award winner Jamiroquai has worked on a total of 32 videos.

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artist videography
(32 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2017-dec Summer girlCharlie Lightening
2006-octRunawayJay Kay & James Hackett
2005-oct(Don't) Give hate a chance Alex & Martin
2005-augSeven days in sunny JuneMat Kirkby
2005-aprFeels just like it shouldJoseph Kahn
2002-junCorner of my EarthJason Smith
2002Love foolosophyJason Smith
2001-novYou give me somethingDawn Shadforth
2001-julLittle LStéphane Sednaoui
2001-febI'm in the mood for loveClive Arrowsmith
1999-nov King for a dayDawn Shadforth
1999-sepSupersonicCassius Coleman
1999-mayCanned heatJonas Akerlund
1999 [GUEST] Do U know where you're coming from? [version 2: animated]Steven Picks
1998-jul Deeper undergroundMike Lipscombe
1997-decHigh timesCassius Coleman
1997-mayAlrightVaughan Arnell
1997-janCosmic girl [version 2]Jonathan Glazer
1996-decCosmic girl [version 1]Adrian Moat
1996-augVirtual insanityJonathan Glazer
1996-jun [GUEST] Do U know where you're coming from? [version 1: amber-tinge]
1995-julStillness in timeEarle Sebastian
1995-aprLight years
1995Half the man [version 2: lovers]Paul Boyd & Jim Gable
1994-novHalf the man [version 1]
1994-oct Space cowboy Vaughan & Anthea
1994Revolution 1993
1994If I like it I do it
1993-sepWhen you gonna learn?Morgan Lawley
1993-augEmergency on planet Earth Wiz
1993-junBlow your mind Vaughan & Anthea
1993-marToo young to die Wiz

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