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Master P

co-direct award nominee award winner Master P has worked on a total of 41 videos.

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artist videography
(41 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-aug Gutta timeLuke Heyne
2005-junI got dubsBernard Gourley
2004-aprThem jeans
2002-oct [GUEST] Bout it bout it... part IIIJim Jones & Vem & Tony
2002-mayRock it Master P & Bernard Gourley
2002-may [GUEST] It takes twoNick Quested
2002-febOohhhwweeeeTerry Heller & Master P & Danny Passman
2002-febReal love
2001-marPockets stay fat mink
2001-feb [GUEST] Lay lowHype Williams
2000-decBout dat Master P & Aaron Courseault
2000-nov [GUEST] He did thatBobby Yukich
2000-novSouljahs Master P
2000-febDa ballersMichael B & Mikael Q
1999-novStep to this Gee Bee
1999-sepLight it up Gee Bee
1999-junB-ballRikarlo Handy
1999 [GUEST] Live or dieJeff Byrd
1998-nov [GUEST] Is it you? (deja vu)David Meyers
1998-novKenny's deadTrey Parker
1998-aug [GUEST] If it don't make dollarsDarius Anthony
1998-julThug girlDarius Anthony
1998-mar [GUEST] Let's ride [version 1]Joseph Kahn
1998-marI got the hook upMichael Martin
1998-feb [GUEST] Just 'B' straight [version 1]Michael Martin
1998-feb [GUEST] Homies & thugsDaniel Zirilli
1998-jan [GUEST] Times so hardDavid Meyers
1998-janMake 'em say ugh!Michael Martin
1998 [GUEST] Shining starMarcus Nispel
1998Goodbye to my homiesDavid Meyers
19986 in tha morningDavid Meyers
1997-novScreamMichael Martin
1997-sepI miss my homiesMichael Martin
1997-jul [GUEST] The party don't stopMichael Martin & Master P
1997-junIf I could change
1997-janIs there Heaven for a gangsta?
1996No more tearsBobby Yan
 (title unknown)Marc Klasfeld & Vem & Tony
  [GUEST] Time after time Gee Bee
 Hoody hoo Gee Bee
 Thinkin' 'bout youMichael Martin

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