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(1994- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1994
Country : UK

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Muse has worked on a total of 45 videos.

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artist videography
(45 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-nov AlgorithmLance Drake & Tom Teller
2018-aug The dark sideLance Drake
2018-jul Something humanLance Drake
2018-feb Thought contagionLance Drake
2015-apr Dead insideRobert Hales
2013-apr Panic stationTim Qualtrough
2013-apr Animals Oneness Team
2013-feb SupremacyTerry Hall
2012-dec Follow me [version 3: alternative] Tekken
2012-dec Follow me [version 2: live]Thomas Kirk
2012-nov Follow me [version 1: animated]Melissa Grabric
2012-oct The 2nd law: Isolated systemThomas Kirk
2012-sep MadnessAnthony Mandler
2012-aug The 2nd law: UnsustainableThomas Kirk
2012-jul Survival
2010-sep MK UltraJohan Polhem
2010-may Neutron star collision (love is forever)Anthony Mandler
2010-feb ResistanceWayne Isham
2009-nov Undisclosed desires Jonas & François
2009-oct Uprising Hydra
2007-mar InvincibleJonnie Ross
2006-augStarlightPaul Minor
2006-jul Knights of CydoniaJoseph Kahn
2006-junRuled by secrecy
2006-may Supermassive black holeFloria Sigismondi
2005-mayStockholm syndrome [version 2: televangelist]Patrick Daughters
2004-octHysteria [version 2: animated effects] Brand New School
2004-augButterflies & hurricanesTim Qualtrough
2004-aprSing for absolution Ark VFX
2004-marStockholm syndrome [version 1]Tim Qualtrough
2004-janHysteria [version 1: hotel room]Howard Greenhalgh
2003-sepTime is running outJohn Hillcoat
2002-junIn your worldMatt Askem
2002-mayDead starTim Qualtrough
2001-novFeeling goodDavid Slade
2001-novHyper musicDavid Slade
2001-jul BlissDavid Slade
2001-may New bornDavid Slade
2001-febPlug in babyHoward Greenhalgh
2000-oct Muscle museum [version 2: US mix / live]
2000-junUnintendedHoward Greenhalgh
2000-marSunburnNick Gordon
1999-decUnoWolf Gresenz & Bernard Wedig
1999-nov Muscle museum [version 1: concept]Joseph Kahn

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