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Phil Collins
(1951- )

Act type : male artist
Born : 31 January 1951
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 1985: No jacket required
  • 1989: ... but seriously

co-direct award nominee award winner Phil Collins has worked on a total of 43 videos.

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artist videography
(43 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2005-apr [GUEST] Tears in HeavenMarcus Raboy
2004-febNo way outNorman Watson
2002-octCan't stop loving youCameron Casey
1999-aprYou'll be in my heartKevin Godley
1999Strangers like meDani Jacobs
1998-novTrue coloursMichael Geoghegan
1997-junWear my hatJim Yukich
1997-febIt's in your eyesJim Yukich
1997No matter whoJim Yukich
1996-sepDance into the lightKevin Godley
1994-aprWe wait and we wonderJim Yukich
1994Can't turn back the yearsJim Yukich
1993-decEverydayJim Yukich
1993-octBoth sides of the storyJim Yukich
1993-may [GUEST] Hero...
1991-janWho said I would? [live]Jim Yukich
1990-sepHang in long enoughJim Yukich
1990-julThat's just the way it isJim Yukich
1990-aprSomething happened on the way to HeavenJim Yukich
1990-aprDo you remember?Jim Yukich
1990-janI wish it would rain downJim Yukich
1990All of my lifeJim Yukich
1990Father to sonJim Yukich
1989-oct Another day in ParadiseJim Yukich
1988-novTwo heartsJim Yukich
1988-augA groovy kind of loveJim Yukich
1985-octSeparate livesJim Yukich
1985-julDon't lose my numberJim Yukich
1985-jul Take me homeJim Yukich
1985-febOne more nightJim Yukich
1985-janSussudioJim Yukich
1984-dec [GUEST] Easy loverJim Yukich
1984-feb Against all oddsTaylor Hackford
1983-may [GUEST] Here we'll stayLasse Hallström
1983-mayI can't believe it's true
1983-mayWhy can't it wait till morning?
1983-febI don't care anymoreStuart Orme
1983-janDon't let him steal your heart awayStuart Orme
1983The west side
1982-novYou can't hurry loveStuart Orme
1982-octThru' these wallsStuart Orme
1981-marI missed againStuart Orme
1981-jan In the air tonightStuart Orme

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