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Pink Floyd

Act type : band
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Pink Floyd has worked on a total of 30 videos.

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artist videography
(30 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1995Wish you were here [live]David Mallet
1995Time [live]David Mallet
1994-octHigh hopesStorm Thorgerson
1994-mayTake it backMarc Brickman
1989-junComfortably numb [live]Wayne Isham
1989-marOne of these days [live]Wayne Isham
1988-mayDogs of war [live]Wayne Isham
1988-mayOne slip [live]Wayne Isham
1987-decOn the turning away [live]Wayne Isham
1987-octLearning to flyStorm Thorgerson
1983-mayNot now JohnWillie Christie
1983-aprThe final cutWillie Christie
1983The Fletcher Memorial HomeWillie Christie
1983A gunner's dreamWillie Christie
1982-julWhen the tigers broke freeAlan Parker
1982-jul Another brick in the wall (part 2) [version 2: film]Alan Parker
1979-nov Another brick in the wall (part 2) [version 1]Gerald Scarfe
1975Welcome to the machineGerald Scarfe
1973-may MoneyWayne Isham
1973Brain damage / Eclipse
1971-augSet the controls
1968-decPoint me at the sky
1968-marLet there be more light
1968-febApples and oranges
1968-febThe scarecrow [version 2]
1968-febAstronomy domine
1968-febSee Emily play
1967-junThe scarecrow [version 1]
1967-apr Arnold LayneDerek Nice
1967Interstellar overdrivePeter Whitehead

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