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Michael Palmieri

Profession : director
Gender : male

Previously worked with A Band Apart (USA) and Bikini Films (UK).

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co-direct award nominee award winner Michael Palmieri has worked on a total of 19 videos.

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editor videography
(17 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2006-sepSundressBen KwellerMichael Palmieri
2006-mayWhite collar boyBelle and SebastianMichael Palmieri
2006-marSing me Spanish technothe New PornographersMichael Palmieri
2005-novResolveFoo FightersMichael Palmieri
2005-augD.O.A.Foo FightersMike Palmieri
2005-julEmpty roomMarjorie FairMichael Palmieri
2005-febClosest thing to HeavenTears For FearsMichael Palmieri
2005-febAn honest mistakethe BraveryMike Palmieri
2004-octGirl's best friendthe DatsunsMichael Palmieri
2004-sepI'm throughPeter WalkerMichael Palmieri
2004-sepDestitute prostitutethe VacationMichael Palmieri
2004-junThe rulesBen KwellerMichael Palmieri
2003-sepFaster gunthe WrensMichael Palmieri
2003-augTake me awayFefe DobsonMichael Palmieri
2003-aprOxygen's goneDie TryingMichael Palmieri
2003-aprLost cause [version 2]BeckMichael Palmieri
2002Little oneBeckMichael Palmieri

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director videography
(19 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2006-sepSundressBen Kweller
2006-mayWhite collar boyBelle and Sebastian
2006-marSing me Spanish technothe New Pornographers
2005-novJuicebox [version 1: concept]the Strokes
2005-novResolveFoo Fighters
2005-augD.O.A.Foo Fighters
2005-julEmpty roomMarjorie Fair
2005-mayBitemarks and bloodstainsFinch
2005-febClosest thing to HeavenTears For Fears
2005-febAn honest mistakethe Bravery
2004-octGirl's best friendthe Datsuns
2004-sepDestitute prostitutethe Vacation
2004-sepI'm throughPeter Walker
2004-junThe rulesBen Kweller
2003-sepFaster gunthe Wrens
2003-augTake me awayFefe Dobson
2003-aprLost cause [version 2]Beck
2003-aprOxygen's goneDie Trying
2002Little oneBeck

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cinematographer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2006-sepSundressBen KwellerMichael Palmieri

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