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Bart Borghesi

Profession : director
Gender : male
Country : Australia

co-direct award nominee award winner Bart Borghesi has worked on a total of 69 videos.
Credits believed to be complete as of April 23, 2005.
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director videography
(69 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2006-jan BreatheRicki-Lee
2005-sep SunshineRicki-Lee
2005-jun Hell no!Ricki-Lee
2005-aprTurn it upKyle
2005-marPlanet TokyoSophie and Kia
2003-decCity rulesDaniel Merriweather, feat. Saigon
2003-octTalk about loveChristine Anu
2003-sepI want to wake up with youDavid Franj
2003-sepSong for a sleepwalkerSomething For Kate
2003-augSail awayNoKTuRNL
2003-julOnly oneDan Greenwood
2003-mayBack to youLow Frequency Occupation
2003-janHere she comesthe Androids
2003-janGod only knowsDavid Franj
2002-sepWorld at my feetDan Greenwood
2002-octDo it with Madonnathe Androids
2002-augA dignified rageSuperheist
2002-julNever be amazingDavid Franj
2002-junDirty deeds done dirt cheapTex Perkins & You Am I
2002-may7 yearsSuperheist
2002-aprCarry onMotor-Ace
2001-decHeavensentKilling Heidi
2001-octCompensateSpace Like Alice
2001-octTwenty yearsSomething For Kate
2001-julEnough to knowthe Superjesus
2001-julThree dimensionsSomething For Kate
2001-aprMonstersSomething For Kate
2001-febGet upYou am I
2001-febTake me awayLash
2001-janHappinessthe Mavis's
2001-jan Secret agent manthe Superjesus
2001Soul mate #9Tina Arena
2001BraveMishelle Bradford Jones
2000-octDamageYou am I
2000-sepGravitythe Superjesus
2000-sepDirty JeansMagic Dirt
2000-julCalling onWeta
2000-mayAmerican shoesMotor-Ace
2000-febNeva mendNoKTuRNL
2000-febPull up to the bumperDeni Hines
2000Little piece [version 1]Sugar Lips
2000Little piece [version 2]Sugar Lips
1999-novWhatever you wantSomething For Kate
1999-octGypsy eyesSwirl
1999-octCriminal pastMotor-Ace
1999-augShe saidLavish
1999-augHallwaysSomething For Kate
1999-julBad bloodRebecca's Empire
1999-junChairman of the boardMotor-Ace
1999-aprBig smokeRebecca's Empire
1999-marElectricitySomething For Kate
1999Right through meBlush
1998-julAny dayVioletine
1998-julSatie 1Endorphin
1998-julRoll creditSomething For Kate
1998-aprMum changed the locksFrenzal Rhomb
1998-janWorking against meSomething For Kate
1997Arjuna's earSindog Jellyroll
1997Just a pictureSomething For Kate
1997Captain (million miles an hour)Something For Kate
1997The change in meMonique Brumby
1996Dannythe Affected
1996Subject to changeSomething For Kate
1996Dean MartinSomething For Kate

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editor videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2001-jan Secret agent manthe SuperjesusBart Borghesi

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