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Jane Simpson

Profession : director
Gender : female

co-direct award nominee award winner Jane Simpson has worked on a total of 46 videos.

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director videography
(46 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1997Enamorado por primera vezEnrique Iglesias
1995 !Ride!Pretty & Twisted
1994 Everybody knowsConcrete Blonde
1993 Heal it upConcrete Blonde
1992-mayWhen you've been blessedPatti LaBelle
1992 Walking in LondonConcrete Blonde
1992 Someday?Concrete Blonde
1992 Ghost of a Texas ladies' manConcrete Blonde
1990 Bloodletting (the vampire song)Concrete Blonde
1989 God is a bulletConcrete Blonde
1989 Happy birthdayConcrete Blonde
1989 Scene of a perfect crimeConcrete Blonde
1988-junRoses are redMac Band
1988Don't walk awaySpookie
1987-sepAll in the name of loveAtlantic Starr
1987-junOne lover at a timeAtlantic Starr
1987-febAlwaysAtlantic Starr
1987In my carJoe Walsh
1986-feb If your heart isn't in itAtlantic Starr
1986-jan Calling America Electric Light Orchestra
1986 Still in Hollywood Concrete Blonde
1986TryThelonious Monster
1986 Dance along the edge Concrete Blonde
1984-sep I feel for youChaka Khan
 Rope a dopeLevert
 I can't tell you whyGerald Alston
 Our love will last foreverBarbara Weathers
 No more liesMichel'le
 Drop that bottomL'Trimm
 Cars with the boomL'Trimm
 My forever loveLevert
 Just coolin'Levert
 Gotta get the moneyLevert
 BrainwashedNuclear Assault
 She needs to get someRay Parker, Jr.
 My only loveBarbara Weathers
 Master KeyBarbara Weathers
 Freak in the street the Untouchables
 Led me inTrae
 Give you all my loveStacey Q
 I came to playPaul Jackson, Jr.
 Livin' large E.U.
 Turned away Chuckii Booker
 Where the cowboys goFiona

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