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Richard Lowenstein

Profession : director
Gender : male
Country : Australia

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co-direct award nominee award winner Richard Lowenstein has worked on a total of 52 videos.

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editor videography
(37 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1993-octFull moon, dirty heartsINXSStavros Etthymiou
1993-octViking juiceINXSNatalie Elliott
1993-octKill the painINXSLynn-Maree Milburn
1993-octTree linksINXSLynn-Maree Milburn
1993-octFreedom deepINXSLynn-Maree Milburn & Ray Strong
1993-octCut your roses downINXSLynn-Maree Milburn & Richard Lowenstein
1993-sepThe gift INXSRichard Lowenstein
1993-mayOne tongueHothouse FlowersRichard Lowenstein
1992-augNot enough timeINXSHoward Greenhalgh
1992-julHeaven sentINXSRichard Lowenstein
1991-julBy my sideINXSRichard Lowenstein
1991-marBitter tears [version 1]INXSRichard Lowenstein
1990-augSuicide blonde [version 1]INXSRichard Lowenstein
1990-febSometimesMax QRichard Lowenstein
1989Way of the worldMax QRichard Lowenstein
1989Saved meJenny MorrisRichard Lowenstein
1988-decAngel of HarlemU2Richard Lowenstein
1988-decInto temptationCrowded HouseRichard Lowenstein
1988-octDesire [version 1]U2Richard Lowenstein & Lynn-Maree Milburn
1987-sepNeed you tonight / MediateINXSRichard Lowenstein
1987Rooms for the memoryMichael HutchenceRichard Lowenstein
1986-aprListen like thieves [version 1]INXSRichard Lowenstein
1986Mean to meCrowded HouseRichard Lowenstein
1985-febBarbadosModelsRichard Lowenstein
1984-octAll the voicesINXSRichard Lowenstein
1984-octDancing on the jettyINXSRichard Lowenstein
1984-jul Burn for youINXSRichard Lowenstein
1984-mar Saturday nightCold ChiselRichard Lowenstein
1984Taxi MaryJo Jo Zep & the FalconsRichard Lowenstein
1984Rock daddyJules TaylorRichard Lowenstein
1983-dec Fraction too much frictionTim FinnRichard Lowenstein
1983It's no reasonthe ChurchRichard Lowenstein
1983Staring at the embersTim FinnRichard Lowenstein
1983Through the yearsTim FinnRichard Lowenstein
1983Lumps of leadHunters & CollectorsRichard Lowenstein
1982Talking to a stranger [version 1]Hunters & CollectorsRichard Lowenstein
1980Leap for lunchthe EarsRichard Lowenstein

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director videography
(45 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1993-octCut your roses down INXS
1993-sepThe gift INXS
1993-mayOne tongueHothouse Flowers
1992-novTaste it [version 2: live]INXS
1992-julHeaven sentINXS
1991-julBy my sideINXS
1991-marBitter tears [version 1]INXS
1990-augSuicide blonde [version 1]INXS
1990-febSometimesMax Q
1989-decAll along the watchtower [live]U2
1989-novGod - part II [live]U2
1989-novHawkmoon 269 [live]U2
1989Way of the worldMax Q
1989Saved meJenny Morris
1988-decInto temptationCrowded House
1988-decAngel of HarlemU2
1988-novBroken heart (thirteen valleys)Big Country
1988-octGuns in the skyINXS
1988-octDesire [version 1] U2
1988-augKing of emotionBig Country
1988-mayHungry townBig Pig
1988-janNew sensation [version 1]INXS
1988Boy wonderBig Pig
1987-decNever tear us apart INXS
1987-sepNeed you tonight / MediateINXS
1987Rooms for the memoryMichael Hutchence
1986-aprListen like thieves [version 1]INXS
1986-mar Second hand lovePete Townshend
1986Mean to meCrowded House
1985-octFace the facePete Townshend
1985-octGive blood [version 1]Pete Townshend
1984-octAll the voicesINXS
1984-octDancing on the jettyINXS
1984-jul Burn for youINXS
1984-mar Saturday nightCold Chisel
1984Taxi MaryJo Jo Zep & the Falcons
1984Rock daddyJules Taylor
1983-dec Fraction too much frictionTim Finn
1983It's no reasonthe Church
1983Staring at the embersTim Finn
1983Through the yearsTim Finn
1983Lumps of leadHunters & Collectors
1982Talking to a stranger [version 1]Hunters & Collectors
1980Leap for lunchthe Ears

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producer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1985-aug What you need [version 1]INXSLynn-Maree Milburn

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