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Sam Brown

Profession : director

Previously worked with Flynn Productions (UK).

co-direct award nominee award winner Sam Brown has worked on a total of 56 videos.

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gaffer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2013-aug The mother we shareChvrchesSing J. Lee

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director videography
(39 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2013StrongLondon Grammar
2010Rolling in the deepAdele
2007 You give me something [version 2: in Chinatown]James Morrison
2006-oct Wonderful worldJames Morrison
2006-sepHow to save a life [version 1]the Fray
2006-febThe zookeeper's boyMew
2006-febPut your records onCorinne Bailey Rae
2005-novGoodbye my loverJames Blunt
2005-octCan't resistTexas
2005-janLion ripthe Duke Spirit
2005-sepTurn your car aroundLee Ryan
2005-jun High [version 2: forest running]James Blunt
2005-mayPaint your target [version 1]Fightstar
2005-aprYou're beautifulJames Blunt
2005-aprInto the fireThirteen Senses
2004-janCryAlex Parks
2003-aug3ft tallI Am Kloot
2003-augFind the colourFeeder
2003-julFallen angelElbow
2003-aprAm I wrong? Mull Historical Society
2003-febOut of the blues Pleasure Beach
2003-febComforting soundsMew
2002-novBack of my handGemma Hayes
2002-febAsleep in the backElbow
2002-augHands around my throat Death in Vegas
2002-junLet a good thing goGemma Hayes
2002-mayTil the end Haven
2002-aprSilverHundred Reasons
2001-decYou know what I want to knowDavid Kitt
2001-junNew Tork boyGloss
2001I'm so crazy Par-T-One vs. INXS
2000-sepModern animalCrashland
2000-mayKoochyArmand Van Helden
2000-sepThe man who told everythingDoves
1999-sepThat's what love can doToutes les Filles
1999-marLet's get downSpacedust
 Essential milleniumPete Tong & Fatboy Slim
 Here comes the musicFixed Stars

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cinematographer videography
(14 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2012-dec Devil JimPolice Dog Hogan Surrender Monkeys
2012-nov Epizootics!Scott WalkerOlivier Groulx
2008-jun Give it 2 meMadonnaNathan Rissman & Tom Munro
2006-jun Something on your mindM.Y.N.C. Project, feat. Abigail BaileyChris Debney
2006-aprThis could have been itLiset AleaHanna Elin Ahman
2006-junDeadwood [version 2: concept]Dirty Pretty ThingsBarney Clay
2006-janJust like the rainRichard HawleyMark Nuttall
2005-novCan't get enoughInfadelsHuse Monfaradi
2005-novHigh fivesFour TetEd Holdsworth
2005-octNothing but green lightsTom VekAdam Bartley
2005-janGood stuff [version 1]ClorFraser Jamieson
2005-mayWorkMorning RunnerEd Holdsworth
2004-augCruel kindnessHiding PlaceMark Adcock
 Make me really happyAdd N to (X) Add N to (X)

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producer videography
(5 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2005-novHigh fivesFour TetEd Holdsworth
2005-mayWorkMorning RunnerEd Holdsworth
2004-augCruel kindnessHiding PlaceMark Adcock
2002-novGood times gonna comeAqualungMark Adcock
2001 Crazy worldPlutoOrson Nava

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