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Tom Russel

Profession : colorist
Gender : male

co-direct award nominee award winner Tom Russel has worked on a total of 22 videos.

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colorist videography
(22 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2015-apr Like a riverWill Young Wiz
2013-jul Every time I see you I go wildBritish Electric Foundation, feat. Kim Wilde Paul D
2013-feb Hold meTom OdellSophie Muller
2006-sepRock steadyAll Saints Wiz
2006-apr The view from the afternoonArctic Monkeys Wiz
2006-febFalse flags Massive AttackPaul Gore
2006-janAll time loveWill Young Wiz
2005-sepTurn your car aroundLee RyanSam Brown
2005-aug Fix you [version 1]ColdplaySophie Muller
2005-jul CoolGwen StefaniSophie Muller
2005-mar Somewhere elseRazorlightJamie Thraves
2005-febShiverNatalie ImbrugliaJake Nava
2004-nov Teardropsthe 411 Wiz
2004-jul See it in a boy's eyesJamelia WIZ
2004-aprMass destructionFaithless Dom & Nic
2004-janDon't give upEagle-Eye CherryYael Staav
2003-novBlind pilotsthe Cooper Temple ClauseScott Lyon
2003-febComforting soundsMewSam Brown
2002-sepWhatever happened to my rock 'n' roll? (punk song) [version 2]Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Wiz
2001-sep This is loveP.J. HarveySophie Muller
2001-mayWe come oneFaithless Dom & Nic
1997-mar Song 2BlurSophie Muller

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