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David Fitzpatrick
[production designer][art director]

Profession : production designer
Gender : male

co-direct award nominee award winner David Fitzpatrick has worked on a total of 18 videos.

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production designer videography
(9 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2001-julBatter upNelly, feat. St. LunaticsMarc Klasfeld
2001-jun Midwest swingSt. Lunatics, feat. NellyMarc Klasfeld
2001-marRide wit meNellyMarc Klasfeld
2001-marFat lip / Pay for pleasureSum 41Marc Klasfeld
2001-febLoveMusiq SoulchildMarc Klasfeld
2001-janHit da floeDirtyMarc Klasfeld
2000-decThat's gangstaShyneMarc Klasfeld
2000Let's go all the wayInsane Clown PosseMarc Klasfeld
2000Tilt-a-whirlInsane Clown PosseMarc Klasfeld

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art director videography
(9 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2000-novWhere I wanna beShade Sheist, feat. Nate Dogg & othersMarc Klasfeld
2000-octGet it upSticky FingazMarc Klasfeld
2000-octOne woman manDave HollisterMarc Klasfeld
2000-augWhy me?Fat Joe, feat. Cuban LinkMarc Klasfeld
2000-augHey bartender(hed) peMarc Klasfeld
2000-augWhat means the world to you?Cam'ronMarc Klasfeld
2000-julBad boyzShyne, feat. Barrington LevyMarc Klasfeld
2000-mayUh huhDevyne StephensMarc Klasfeld
2000-aprCountry grammarNellyMarc Klasfeld

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