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Darren Doane
(1972- )
[director][executive producer][cinematographer][?]

Profession : director
Gender : male
Born : 1972
Country : USA

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co-direct award nominee award winner Darren Doane has worked on a total of 72 videos.

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director videography
(70 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2005-sepThe CycleA Dozen Furies
2005-junVultureA Life Once Lost
 Lipgloss and letdownA Static Lullaby
 Third season A.F.I.
2005-sepDead wreckoningAborted
2005-octA lotta nerveAllister
2004CowardsAmerican Head Charge
2002-augAin't love grandAtreyu
1999-octGet downAudio Adrenaline
2002-decOne more minuteAuthority Zero
2005-marBetrayalthe Black Maria
2005-mayLegends dieBleed the Dream
1997-junDammit Blink 182
1998-aprJosie [version 2] Blink 182
1992-janHelluvaBrotherhood Creed
2005-augDying will be the death of meCephalic Carnage
1996It could ruin your dayChokebore
2006-sep The coldest heartthe Classic Crime
2004Blood burdenCrisis
1995 GoDance Hall Crashers
2003-decHexagram [version 1]Deftones
 Salt circlesEvery Day Life
2003EbolaramaEvery Time I Die
2005-augKill the musicEvery Time I Die
2005-junCome to the endFC Five
2005-julJaded hopeFC Five
2006-junAnd we all return to our rootsthe Forecast
2006-octFeel like fame Four Letter Lie
2003-octAs the last light drains Freya
2004-junThis year's most open heartbreakFuneral for a Friend
 Same old storyGinuwine
2002-marTermites hollowGrade
2006-oct Crossing the Rubiconthe Human Abstract
2005-febA threnody for modern romanceIt Dies Today
2005-augSevered ties yield severed headsIt Dies Today
1999Lovely Denver mintJimmy Eat World
 Dog's life [version 2: film]Kottonmouth Kings
2006-aprI got lifeMercy Fall
2018-apr Have it allJason Mraz
1997-febChick magnetMxPx
1997-octDoin' timeMxPx
2005-marTough girlOpen Hand
1994-junHomesick Pennywise
1995-augSame old storyPennywise
2002-augBotchlaPoison the Well
2006-augMetal by numbersBrian Posehn
 Why did we ever meet? the Promise Ring
1999-octEmergency! Emergency! the Promise Ring
1997Cashed inPulley
2005-sepSlow burnRevelation Theory
2005-febSuffocating wordsScars of Tomorrow
2005-augThe only medicineScary Kids Scaring Kids
1999-augPotential for a fallSick of it All
2005-decTo the churchSinai Beach
2006Whispers in the darkSkillet
2000-marTypecast modulator Snapcase
2003-octA synthesis of classic forms Snapcase
2003-octDrive Snowdogs
2006-sepSecrets in mirrors Spitalfield
1998-augJoleneSpring Heeled Jack USA
1994-novOne truthStrife
2002-marFalling for youStudent Rick
1997-julSupertones strike back Supertones
1997Little manSupertones
1997Perserverance of the saintsSupertones
2002-mayCross out the eyesThursday
2002When the Sun sleepsUnderoath
 Holiday Unwritten Law
2002-augSteady as she goesVoodoo Glow Skulls

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executive producer videography
(2 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2006-junAnd we all return to our rootsthe ForecastXDOANEX
1999The getawayTen Foot PoleDerek Dale

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cinematographer videography
(2 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2005-marBetrayalthe Black MariaXDOANEX
2005-decTo the churchSinai BeachXDOANEX

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? videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2006-aprMy will be a dead manProject 86 Endeavor Media

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