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Alexis Omeltchenko

Profession : producer

co-direct award nominee award winner Alexis Omeltchenko has worked on a total of 30 videos.

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producer videography
(30 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1988-marStand and deliverMr. MisterTony Greco
1987-junGive to liveSammy HagarGil Bettman
1987-aprThe slightest touchFive StarDominic Orlando
1986-mar Now and forever (you and me)Anne MurrayTony Greco
1986-mar Under the influenceVanityGil Bettman
1985-dec That was then, this is nowRandy Wayne & Carroll Sue HillTony Greco
1985-sep I'll be goodRené and AngelaMark Rezyka
1985-aug DangerousNatalie ColeOley Sassone
1985-aug Sweet, sweet baby (I'm falling)Lone JusticeTony Greco
1985-jul Spanish EddieLaura BraniganMichael Heldman
1985-janIf you don't want meNorman Nardini & the TigersDominic Orlando
1985-janMorning dewBlackfootMichael Heldman
1985-janTeamworkDavid LasleyRichard Halsey
1984-decHigh in high schoolMadame XMarcelo Epstein
1984-novLovergirlTeena MarieTony Greco
1984-nov Wanted manRattMark Rezyka
1984-oct Bouncin' off the wallsMatthew WilderTony Greco
1984-oct Love makes you blindFionaMichael Heldman
1984-sep Back for moreRattMark Rezyka
1984-sep Swept awayDiana RossDominic Orlando
1984-aug The lucky oneLaura BraniganMichael Heldman
1984-julMama weer all crazee nowQuiet RiotMark Rezyka
1984-febRobberyTeena MarieMarcelo Epstein
1984 Use it or lose itMichael FurlongIrv Goodnoff
1984 Body rockMaria VidalMarcelo Epstein
1983-dec Automatic manMichael SembelloIrv Goodnoff
1983-novLooks that killMötley CrüeMarcelo Epstein
1983-sepYou know what to doCarly SimonDominic Orlando
1983Dancing with myselfBilly IdolTobe Hooper
1983He believesWet PicnicMarcelo Epstein

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