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Rob Quartly

Profession : director
Gender : male
Country : Canada

Born in England

co-direct award nominee award winner Rob Quartly has worked on a total of 29 videos.

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director videography
(29 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1987-marDancin' with my mirrorCorey Hart
1987 Moonlight desiresGowan, feat. Jon Anderson
1986-decI can't help falling in loveCorey Hart
1986-apr Eurasian eyesCorey Hart
1986-jan Heart of the citythe Arrows
1986-jan Don't forget me (when I'm gone) [version 1: Canada]Glass Tiger
1986-janSituation critical Platinum Blonde
1986-mar X-ray eyesJim Foster
1986 Easy to tameKim Mitchell
1986Angry young manCorey Hart
1985-dec Mind gamesTriumph
1985-dec Talk talkthe Arrows
1985-nov Everything in my heartCorey Hart
1985-nov The kids are all shakin'Helix
1985-oct The big moneyRush
1985-aug Call of the wildGary O'
1985-jul Cryin' over youPlatinum Blonde
1985-jun Never surrenderCorey Hart
1985-apr A criminal mind Gowan
1985HarmonyIan Thomas
1985 CosmeticsGowan
1985 Strange animalGowan
1984-augRock youHelix
1984 Doesn't really matterPlatinum Blonde
1984 Standing in the darkPlatinum Blonde
1984 I want you backSherry Kean
1984 Sunglasses at night Corey Hart
1984 Hold on to 18Black 'n Blue
1983 It ain't enoughCorey Hart

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