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Jerry Kramer

Profession : producer / director
Gender : male

Also produced and directed the live longform Caught in the act for Styx in 1984.

co-direct award nominee award winner Jerry Kramer has worked on a total of 25 videos.

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producer videography
(15 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1989-jan Leave me alone Michael JacksonJim Blashfield & Paul Diener
1986-jan DangerousLoverboyJerry Kramer
1986-mar Stick aroundJulian LennonDouglas Martin & Jerry Kramer
1985-dec Remo's theme (What if?)Tommy ShawJerry Kramer
1985-dec FreedomPointer SistersRichard Perry & Jerry Kramer
1985-dec WatusiHowie MandelJerry Kramer
1985-nov Burning heartSurvivorJerry Kramer
1985-oct Let the music do the talkingAerosmithJerry Kramer
1985-sep Vanz kant danzJohn FogertyWill Vinton
1985-sepLovin' every minute of itLoverboyRick Rosenthal
1985-febThis is loveBang-BangJean Pellerin
1984-nov The wild lifeBananaramaNorman Seefe
1984-novAre you experienced?Jimi HendrixWayne Isham & Fred Stuhr
1984-sep Hot for teacherVan HalenPete Angelus & David Lee Roth
1984 Girls with gunsTommy ShawJerry Kramer

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director videography
(18 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1986-novWant your body Julian Lennon
1986-marThe music of goodbyeMelissa Manchester & Al Jarreau
1986-jan StagesZZ Top
1986-jan DangerousLoverboy
1986-mar Stick around Julian Lennon
1985-dec Freedom Pointer Sisters
1985-dec WatusiHowie Mandel
1985-dec Remo's theme (What if?)Tommy Shaw
1985-novRock 'n' roll girlsJohn Fogerty
1985-nov Burning heartSurvivor
1985-oct Let the music do the talkingAerosmith
1985-julYou look marvelousBilly Crystal
1984-aug Some guys have all the luckRod Stewart
1984 Girls with gunsTommy Shaw
1983-janWinds of changeJefferson Starship
1983Out of controlJefferson Starship
1982-octBe my ladyJefferson Starship
1981-jan The best of times [live]Styx

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