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Little of your love
Taken fromalbum Something to tell you [2017]
Genreindie pop
Formatmusic video
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Statusreleased and aired
First airedOctober 2, 2017 (week of October 02, 2017)
FilmedAugust 31, 2017
ProductionGhoulardi Film Company
Rattling Stick
DirectingPaul Thomas Anderson
Production teamSara Murphy (producer)
Erica Frauman (producer)
ChoreographyKyle Einsohn (choreographer)
EditingDylan Tichenor
DesignCarmen Ruiz de Huidobro (production designer)
CostumesMatthew Carey (wardrobe supervisor)
Rebecca Grice (wardrobe)
BeautyMelissa Rogers (make-up)
Candice Birns (hair)
1st assistant directorAdam Somner
2nd 2nd assistant directorDominic Pacitti
swingNick Durr
propsMichele Yu
propsCindy Chao
"A" camera operatorMitch Dubin
1st assistant cameraJorge Sanchez
2nd assistant cameraMelissa Fisher
loaderDrey Singer
camera technicianJon Philion
steadicam operatorAri Robbins
key gripJeff Kunkel
best boy gripDelaney Teichler
gripKenneth Guevara
gripTodd McCall
gafferMike Bauman
best boy electricPeter Rybchenkochangeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & changeme & & changeme "<
best boy electricZachary Bartlett
best boy electricKevin Wilson
electricianKuba Bojsza
electricianDillon Puswald
dimmer board operatorAxl Barsch
sound playbackJohnny Fiorentino
production sound mixerScott Kaser
coloristGregg Garvin
production assistantLaura Bell
production assistantDorsey Britton
production assistantGenghis Jorgensen
production assistantChris Leary
production assistantTiffany Kontoyiannis
production assistantJoshua Zev Nathan
production assistantAnna Rybchenko
production assistantMackenzie Stetzler
production assistantMadison Stevens
production assistantLily Ziegler
unit production managerDeanna Barillari
unit production managerKat Barnette
V:>"anessa Averyas background dancer
J-Stylzas background dancer
Rhon Cameronas background dancer
Chad Castilloas background dancer
Lindsey Castilloas background dancer
Sir Charlesas background dancer
Heather Cunninghamas background dancer
Andrew DiConcettoas background dancer
Margo Freemanas background dancer
Matt Hallas background dancer
Mina Huynhas background dancer
Willie Jamesas background dancer
Michael Kaufmanas background dancer
Trent Keelas background dancer
Troy Kirbyas background dancer
Jordee Kopanskias background dancer
Frankie Kraftas background dancer
Logan Krieteas background dancer
Maggie Kwokas background dancer
Isis Maloneas background dancer
Stephanie Matsunagaas background dancer
Phil Moakas background dancer
Myranda Molinaas background dancer
Daniel Olsonas background dancer
Sorine Paivaas background dancer
Emily Pearseas background dancer
Jose Picadoas background dancer
Christina Ramosas background dancer
Sarah Rosenbergas background dancer
Sabrina Rudolphas background dancer
Jason Shorras background dancer
Denise Starkoffas background dancer
Annette Stevensas background dancer
Aubrey Swanderas background dancer
Ethan Webmanas background dancer
Grover C. Whitmoreas background dancer
Demery Zlacticas background dancer
Justin Zuckermanas background dancer
Alex Mardirossian
Mariah Owen
Amanda Rivera
Courtney Ross
Joey Sasso
Charley Stern
Cat Stevens
Taylor Thompson
Vishnu Vallabhaneni
Brooke Zbytniewski
Jorea Aaron
Belinda Bates
David Burns
Jean Carlo
Yuying Chien
Nicole Delaney
Gian Franco
Lilly Harrison
Alanna Hoffman
Joey Jofre
Charlie Malcolm
Solomon Mangolini
Fidan Manashirova

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